William Herkewitz

Science & Technology Reporter

William Herkewitz is a science and technology journalist based in Berlin, Germany. He writes about theoretical physics, AI, astronomy, board games, brewing and everything in between.

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Should Your Car Kill You To Save Other People?

Scientists investigate a tricky moral dilemma that machines will have to grapple with when cars drive themselves.

The 10 Best Racing Games to Play on Your Mobile Device

We recommend you ditch Candy Crush and start using your mobile device's full potential . . . to destroy your friends on the racetrack.

This Tiny Bug Has a Gear in its Leg

U.K. scientists find the first biological gears on a jumping insect half the size of a fire ant.

A new steel is as strong as titanium, 10 times cheaper
South Korean researchers have solved a longstanding problem that stopped them from creating ultra-strong, lightweight aluminum-steel al…
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