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Travis is the Site Director of He was previously the Editor-in-Chief of and is a little too fond of the Mazda Miata.

This Is a Road

It's not a river, but it legally should be.

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This Corvette Is a Volvo and This Volvo Is a Corvette

What if you want a Volvo and a Corvette, but can only afford one? We've found your solution.

Why Renault Is Waiting to Upgrade Its F1 Engine

Plus long auto loans and who won what.

This Volvo S60 Race Car Is the End of an Era

As touring cars move to a simpler formula, the S60 TC1 has become obsolete. Here's what the world is losing.

Daimler Could Buy Part of Volvo

Plus Indy's pace car and the F150 Diesel.

A BMW V12 Is a Lovely Thing

The 850 was a gorgeous coupe with a lovely engine.

The Cobra Jet Is Back

Plus in-dash fuel payment and Long Beach attendance.

Here Comes the Judge

This GTO is one to remember.

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What Can We Tell You About the Lotus Evora 400?

We have this car for two weeks. We have a lot of plans for it, but what would you like to know?

Automakers Want Higher Octane Regular Gas

Plus Renault's gains and Tesla's Model 3 push.

You Gotta Love the Boss 429

The big Mustang sounds bad ass.

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This Monster Truck Front Flip Will Make You Believe Anything Is Possible

Lee O'Donnell and Mad Scientist pulled off an amazing stunt that now makes us think the laws of physics are actually suggestions.

Even Max Verstappen's Dad Is Unhappy With Him

Plus Escalade discount and a new VW logo.

Jaguar's 90s Super Sedan Sounded Lovely

The XJR looked old, but sounded new. Best of both worlds.

No, McLaren Didn't Offer a Package to Give the F1 691 Horsepower in 2010

A document claims that a 2010 package modernized the F1. The problem? This package never existed.

Every V12 Powered Car You Can Buy Today

Because 12 cylinders are just the best.

The 911 Isn't the Only Great Sounding Porsche

The 928 was supposed to replace the 911.

The C5 Z06 Is a Great-Sounding Bargain

It doesn't get better than this.

The Next Land Rover Defender Will Come to the US

Plus Alonso's hopes and Labonte's return.

The Lamborghini You Forgot Is Still Lovely

The 350 GT wasn't midengined, but that's not a bad thing.

Audi's Vision Gran Turismo Is a 804-HP Electric Race Taxi and It's Actually Real

It may have taken Audi a while to get in to Gran Turismo, but it entered with a real car.

The Ferrari Superfast Sounds Super Good

The revised Ferrari F12 still sounds amazing.

Here's What Liberty Media Wants for the Future of Formula One

F1's future could look quite a bit different in 2021.

No Mufflers? No Problem

The SRT-4 had straight pipes from the factory. More cars should have straight pipes from the factory.

Make Your Ears Love You Again By Letting Them Experience Six Minutes of Bliss

You might not realize it, but your ears hate you. Listen to this to remind them that they shouldn't hate you.

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