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Video of Deadly Crash Raises More Questions About Uber's Self-Driving System

Experts say the SUV's laser and radar sensors should have spotted Herzberg and her bicycle in time to brake.

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Some Self-Driving Car 'Accidents' Are Just Angry People Attacking Driverless Cars

Of six accidents in California this year so far, two are just human-on-robot assault.

Buying a Car With Bitcoin

Here's a look at a single bitcoin transaction: the sale of a 2017 Subaru from an upstate New York car dealer to a buyer from Virginia.

Uber and Waymo Settle Trade Secrets Clash

Waymo says Uber agreed to pay about $245 million.

Ford Recalling Over a Million Vehicles Because Doors Might Fly Open

The problem could trap people in their cars or cause doors to fly open while driving.

What's a Better Bet: GM or Tesla?

The budding rivalry could help determine whether Detroit or Silicon Valley sets the course for the future of the auto industry.

Mark Fields Is Out as Ford's CEO

Jim Hackett has led Ford's mobility unit since March of last year. Now he leads the whole company.

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Overpass Collapse in Atlanta Caused by Fire Sparks Traffic Nightmare

The fire burned for more than an hour under I-85 northbound.

Elon Musk Answers 5th Grader's Letter, Will Host Homemade Ad Contest for Tesla

She noted that many of Tesla's fans already make homemade ads, and "they look professional and they are entertaining."

This Jeep Was Unearthed After 40 Years Buried in Sand

Left in a garage that was buried by sand long ago, it's finally been dug out.

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Google's Self-Driving Car Company Accuses Uber of Theft

Waymo alleges a current Uber employee once stole scads of data from Google's nascent project.

Michigan Makes it Legal for Driverless Cars to Operate on Its Streets

The state now has the loosest restrictions in the United States.

Volkswagen Is Laying Off 30,000 People To Cut Costs

The company also said it would be hiring for some 9,000 new positions related to new technology.

World's First Self-Driving Tractor-Trailer Delivery Was a Semi Full of Beer

Anheuser-Busch sent a trailer full of Budweiser on a 120-mile autonomous journey through Colorado.

Uber Will Pick Up Passengers in Self-Driving Cars This Month

The ride-hailing service will launch a fleet of self-driving cars in Pittsburgh.

Speeders Demand $3 Million in Refunds From Ohio's Illegal Traffic Cams

40 percent of money collected went to traffic company.

<p>Electric cars were always a joke until Elon Musk and his partners started Tesla Motors. The disruptive Tesla Roadster ripped from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds. When the Model S appeared in 2012, it wasn't much slower. And last year Tesla gave us the P85D. Hell's a-blazin'! </p>
Elon Musk Says He's About to Reveal a "New Secret Master Plan" for Tesla

It's been 10 years since the Tesla Motors CEO rolled out the last one. A lot has changed since then.