David Grossman

china electric car
China Says It Will Stop Selling Internal Combustion Engine Cars

There's no date set, but the message is clear: Electric is the future.

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Hyperloop Competition Winners Were Able to Get Above 200 MPH in Testing

And met with Elon Musk to celebrate.

formula one 2017
How Formula 1 Got So Much Faster and Better to Watch in 2017

A few simple tire and aero changes were all it took to make Formula 1 exciting again.

car seat self driving
Why Self-Driving Car Testers Are Dressing Up Like Car Seats

What are you going as for Halloween this year?

Tesla Is Working on Self-Driving Semi Trucks Now

It wants long-haul, electric semi trucks that can drive themselves and move in "platoons."

Faraday Future Just Bought a Factory to Build its Electric Cars

The flashy electric car company has settled down.

Slightly Taller Guardrails Could Save Your Life

But one inch too high, and they could be deadly.

Here's What Musk's Boring Company Car Elevator Will Look Like

One small step for cars going downward.

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inside tesla battery
Take a Look Inside a Tesla Battery

By throwing one off a roof.