Máté Petrány

Mastering 1938's Le Mans Winner Today

What was pretty much the fastest French race car before the war broke out only got faster over time. Meet the Delahaye 135 CS.

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Here's What Horacio Pagani Thinks of Electric Cars
Pagani has already set up a team to study its electric concept for the time when its upcoming twin-turbo engine's license runs out in 2…
Porsche Knows its Electric Cars Have to Perform Like They Burn Gasoline

We sat down with the head of Porsche's EV lineup to find out how the automaker will fit electric cars in its performance lineup.

Here's How Koenigsegg Sees the Future
Christian von Koenigsegg's future two-model lineup will include a "smooth monster," and a "not such a smooth monster." Plus, his views …
This Is a Corvette Grand Sport
Eadon Green's second art deco wonder, the Zeclat is a running prototype instead of being just a show car. Here's the plan for the wilde…
Koenigsegg Prefers Volvo's Design to the Germans
Polestar CEO and former Volvo Design Chief Thomas Ingenlath also shared his views with us on the difference between the Polestar and th…
Christian von Koenigsegg Loves the Aston Martin Valkyrie

His feelings are slightly different towards the designs of the AMG Project One and the McLaren Senna.

These Are the Last Morgans With Naturally-Aspirated BMW V8s
The ultra-limited edition Aero GT and the Plus 8 50th Anniversary are the last Morgans to feature BMW's delightful N62 V8. They are, of…
Here's Why McLaren's CEO has Three Lotus Elans

Thanks to Colin Chapman, Mike Flewitt has a pretty clear idea of what good handling is all about.

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Morgan Plus 8 and Aero GT Gallery

The last Morgans with naturally-aspirated BMW V8s.

Koenigsegg Brings a Pair of Wild Regeras To Geneva

Plus a CCX, because this year is Koenigsegg's 25th in the business, and factory certified used Swedish supercars are a thing now.

Rimac C_Two: 1914 HP and a 1.85-Second 0-60 Time
A top speed of 258mph, 403 miles of range, loads of semi-autonomous tech: Rimac's latest electric car boasts insane performance, and it…
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Rimac C_Two: The Latest from Croatia's Electric Hypercar Company

How does 1914 electric horsepower and a top speed of 258 miles per hour sound?

McLaren Senna GTR Concept: The Official Gallery

Believe it or not, McLaren wants to put an even larger wing on its new hypercar before it starts chasing lap records.

McLaren Senna GTR: Just When You Thought McLaren's Latest Hypercar Couldn't Get Any More Hyper

McLaren is building 75 Senna GTRs with 825 horsepower and more than a ton of downforce. Only their F1 cars are faster than this.

Jim Glickenhaus Is Creating a Modern Take on Steve McQueen's Baja Boot

Glickenhaus is known for his crazy sports cars. Now he's turning his attention to off roading.

This Russian Truck Will Soon Be the Most Outrageous Analog Camera in the World
How do you make an ambrotype large-format camera and darkroom portable enough to go to the most beautiful places on earth? Build it on …
Sell Your Soul and Get an Ultra-Rare Porsche 908K

Some fiberglass bodies are more precious than others.

McLaren's 'Carbon Theme' Makes the Full Carbon Senna Even More Carbonous

McLaren is aware that the Senna's list price is lower than the P1's was six years ago. But no worries, MSO can help you with that.

Honda's New BTCC Civic Type R Looks Perfectly Evil

Say hi to the newest of the front-wheel drive cars that don't drive like front-wheel drive cars.

Driving a Mad Group B Car To The Post Office

The beauty of top-level rally cars is that they are road legal. Even Group B cars.

Driving a 1965 Shelby GT350 For 43 Years

Steve Beck was 18 when he bought his GT350 for $900 in 1975. He's been driving it both on and off the track ever since.

Meet The Five Lightest Factory Porsches

No, that weirdly glorious 918 Spyder mule is not on this list.

Behold The World's First Concept Car

1938's Buick Y Job also became GM's Design VP's daily driver for almost thirteen years.

Holy Crap: There's a Road-Legal McLaren F1 GTR Longtail For Sale

Chassis #27R is just one of ten in the world. If you want it, act fast.

Here Are All Your 2018 F1 Cars

Pre-season testing has started, so here's a look all the cars you'll see on the grid this year.

Volvo Won't Develop a New Generation of Gas Engines
Volvo won't be needing a new generation gas engine, and won't build a pickup or a shooting brake either. Instead, the Swedish vision is…
Land Rover Is Sold Out of 400 Horsepower Defender V8s
The V8-powered Defender 70th Edition starts at £150,000 and is limited to 150 units. Americans will also need to wait 25 years to get …
2019 Volvo V60: It's Wagontime!
Volvo's new mid-sized wagon comes with more dominant lines and two plug-in hybrid options under the hood, with up to 390 horsepower and…
Three Examples of Jeremy Clarkson Skiing Jaguars
For some reason, Mr. Clarkson seems to be obsessed with skiing in, or sometimes behind a Jaguar. It's been his favorite sport since 200…