Brian Silvestro

This Might Be the Perfect LFA

It's a Nurburgring Edition painted in orange with just 1600 miles on the clock. It looks to be just about flawless.

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The New A8 Will Be the Last 12-Cylinder Audi

The W12 engine found in the newly unveiled A8 will not be replaced next generation.

What's the Most Luxurious New Car You Can Buy?

Sports cars are fun, yes. But sometimes it's nice to cruise around in ultimate comfort.

Now's Your Chance to Own One of De Tomaso's Last Production Cars

Only a handful of GuarĂ¡ Barchettas exist. This one's for sale.

Here's Your First Look at the New Mustang Shelby GT500

The 700- horsepower top-tier Shelby is set to be revealed sometime in 2019.

What's the Best Car for a Road Trip?

You have all sorts of options to choose from for traveling long distances. Which car would you pick?

15 Cars That Should Absolutely Be Turned Into LEGO Kits

These cars would be so great rendered in plastic bricks.

This Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman Is the Conquerer of Conquerers

If somehow the regular 600 isn't enough for you, this limousine version is for sale.

Experience the Spinning Dorito

The beauty of Wankel's design shown in super slow-motion.

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The VW Up! GTI Is the Real Replacement for the Original Golf GTI

The modern Golf GTI has become a behemoth compared to the original. The new Up! GTI is much more akin to its ancestors.

Here's Why Toyota Added a First Gear to its CVT

Continuously variable transmissions are great for efficiency, but for accelerating from a stop, its a solid gear you want.

Which Car Deserves to Be Turned into a LEGO Kit?

LEGO has created lots of cool sets based on our favorite cars. Which one do you think deserves the brick treatment most?

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14 of the Most Unlikely Rally Cars

You could go rallying with a Subaru WRX or a Ford Fiesta, but why would you when you could use a Ferrari 308 instead?

Jaguar XJ220: The Video Game

This is something that exists.

What's the Coolest Unlikely Rally Car?
Subarus are perfectly capable rally machines, but there are a bunch of much less-suited cars that can also get the job done. Which is y…
This Fully Transparent Bubble Hardtop Is the Coolest Accessory for Your Miata

If you don't like the cramped space of the normal hardtop (or the upright softop), this is the Miata upgrade for you.

The Eadon Green Zeclat Makes a Wonderfully Familiar V8 Rumble

The Corvette-based Geneva star doesn't disappoint in the noise department.

What You Learn After Autocrossing a BMW i3

The new BMW i3S is a formidable autocrosser disguised as an economical EV.

You Can Buy This Perfectly Original Mercedes 300D Owned by Jonathan Ward

Ward, founder of Icon 4x4, has too many projects on his plate as it is. He's passing this one onto a buyer that'll do it justice.

The 2018 BMW M5 Is the Best Supercar for When You Actually Have a Life to Live

Can't swing a two-door, rear-drive GT car? The new M5 is the perfect solution.

Here's Why Manufacturers Test Cars In Extreme Weather Conditions

Harsh weather is perfect for discovering weak points in new cars, this way customers don't have to.

What's the Coolest Slow Car Ever Made?

Just because some cars aren't performance-oriented doesn't mean they're not cool.

12 New Cars with the Best-Sounding Six-Cylinder Engines

Because you don't necessarily need a V8 to have a car that sounds amazing.

Aston Martin Will Build a Second Mid-Engine Hypercar With Red Bull

CEO Andy Palmer confirmed there is another hypercar in the works, aimed at the LaFerrari and McLaren P1.

The Rimac C_Two Electric Hypercar Is Richard Hammond-Proof

Rimac's in-car fire extinguisher has a nice little easter egg printed on its tie-down strap for The Grand Tour host.

Which New Car Has the Best-Sounding Six-Cylinder Engine?

Carmakers are putting six-pot engines into lots of cars these days. Which one do you think sounds the best?