Jeff Jablansky

Drivers Matter: How Mazda's Design Revolves Around You

There's more to the Mazda3 than sleek packaging, cutting-edge technology, and clever aesthetics.

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This Is the Range Rover Velar
Fitting right between the Evoque and Range Rover Sport, the Velar is damn good to look at and packs some impressive new tech that will …
Meet Nolen Niu, the industrial designer who loves cars

On sofas, proportion, a childhood dream, and making a mark.

Using Classic Materials in New Ways: Steel, Wood and Leather

Three automakers are using classic materials in new ways, for unusual and unexpected gains in vehicle quality and performance.

What Podcasters Listen to While Driving

You listen to them while you sit in traffic. But who do podcasters listen to?

How Korean luxury is setting trends

Look out, Paris, Milan, and New York.

8 Moments that Changed Car Safety Technology

Enjoy driving more and let technology takes care of the tough stuff.

Discover a New Route to the Office

Because A-to-B can be a painfully unexciting way to go.

How Technology Helped a Paralyzed Racer Get Back Behind The Wheel

Sam Schmidt has always loved to drive, but an IndyCar accident 17 years ago left him paralyzed. Now, he can do it again.

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Your Car Is Smarter than It's Ever Been

Advanced technology from smarter cars is keeping you safe and your surroundings safer.

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