Jack Baruth

Indoor Karting Tips From (The Dad Of) Someone Who Is Pretty Good At It

Having a frustrating time at the kart track? Here's how you can be better, maybe.

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SCCA Time Trial Is Bringing Affordable Racing to Young Enthusiasts

We've all heard stories about car enthusiasm fading among the younger generations. The SCCA's new program has the cure.

Lotus Needs a Leader, And So Does Everybody Else

Jean-Marc Gales leaves Lotus stronger than it has ever been, and he didn't compromise the company to do it.

Why Doesn’t Anybody Race An Actual Race Car Anymore?

It's all converted road cars. Where are the race cars?

A Hitch Rack Is Your Secret Weapon Against SUVs and Pickup Trucks
Don't buy a heavy, high-riding behemoth. You can drive a sensible sedan and still do all your outdoor activities. The secret? A mini hi…
Everything You Need to Know About Brakes and Track Days
Do you need that big brake kit? When should you bleed your brakes? What's the difference between fixed and sliding calipers? All this a…
We Are Running Out of Cars for Club Racing and Autocrossing

The dominance of the crossover means fewer new cars that can be built into amateur or semi-pro race cars. And that's a shame.

So You’ve Just Crashed Your Daily Driver at a Trackday. Now What?

Sometimes your daily is also your track car. But what happens if you crash? And what should you do?

After 34 Years, This Corvette Finally Made It to a Racetrack

Even a 205-horsepower, automatic-transmission, “Cease-Fire” Vette can shine in NASA’s Hyperdrive program

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Supercars Should Fear the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

The fastest, most powerful Corvette in history. King slayer.

It's Time to Bring Back the Mustang II

You might hate it, but the Mustang II was the right car at the right time.

900 Miles, Two Racetracks, 28 Hours: The Lotus Evora 400 Shrugs Off Our Torture Test
We lapped a Lotus Evora 400 at two of America's greatest race tracks, back-to-back. The British sports car gobbled it up without protes…
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The Greatest Roads You’ve Never Driven Are Literally Being Swallowed By The Earth

How heavy trucks and fracking are destroying a hidden Appalachian treasure.

Don't Pay Attention to Those Corvette ZR1 Nurburgring Time Rumors

A Corvette ZR1 has been spotted testing at the Nurburgring. Observers say it ran a 7:12. Here's why that doesn't matter.

How NUVIZ Brings 21st-Century Car Infotainment Technology to Motorcyclists
This helmet-mounted device is part heads-up display, part dash-cam, part GPS, in a package that brings automotive technology to your bi…
There's More to the 2019 Miata Than a More Powerful Engine

Mazda's sports car appears to be getting some deserved updates for 2019.

Your Driving Instructor Might Be Giving Dangerously Bad Advice

And until driving instructor certification is universally adopted, there's not much preventing the spread of bad instruction.

It's Time For a New Luxury Car Brand—Or a Revived Old One

What the luxury car industry can learn from high-end watches.

Why the Local Motors Rally Fighter Might Still Be the Future of Sports Cars

The DIY off-road coupe wasn't a big sales success, but the formula is getting more and more relevant.

What You Learn at the Motorsport Safety Foundation's Driving Instructor School
The MSF is doing more than any other organization to make trackday driving instruction as safe as possible. We go inside their training…
The Toyota 86's Replacement Needs an Engine with Character

It turns out the Toyota/Subaru GT86 project was not quite as successful as the Pontiac Fiero

Diesel Cars Are Being Banned From Major Cities, the Newest Gas-Powered Cars Might Be Next

If particulates are the problem for diesel, then direct injection might be next.

Why Minivan Drivers Are More Tempted to Speed
Ever seen a minivan blast past a Lamborghini in traffic? There's a curious reason why it happens, and it has nothing to do with horsepo…
How Your Commute Is Teaching You to Do the Exact Wrong Thing on Track

And how you can fix that without being a terror on the streets

The Harley-Davidson Road Glide Is America on Two Wheels

A thoroughly-iterated motorcycle that very purposefully looks old—but feels entirely new.

The VW Arteon Is Missing That Moonshot Quality

Volkswagen aimed for the stars with the brilliant but doomed Phaeton. The Arteon feels like a halfhearted follow-up.

Why Automakers Keep Selling Old Models Elsewhere

And why you can't buy them here in the US.

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