John Krewson

2016 Cadillac CTS-V: First Drive

It touches 60 in 3.5 seconds and does a quarter-mile in 11.6 at 126.1 mph. But can it dance?

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Driving the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata and its ancestors
Three Miatas come together on a perfect sunny day. One of them happens to be a 2016 MX-5. Will it seem out of place? We find out.
Jeremy Clarkson made Top Gear, then damned it
Top Gear is as dead as disco and TVR sports cars—thanks to the guy who made it great.
I Was a Human Crash-Test Dummy
Understand this: We will never be completely safe in our cars. But driving today is about as safe as it can get. So, in simplest terms,…
The AMC Gremlin is a terrible time machine
The AMC was a consolation prize for not being allowed to purchase one an authentic Shelby Cobra. All of which stretches the definitions…
miami vice exotics
Miami Vice: Driving the era's exotics
Thirty years ago, Miami Vice aired its first episode, white powder ruled South Florida, and car guys won the war on drugs. John Krewson…
In defense of the safe choice
You can make any number of magnificent, interesting mistakes when you buy a car. Or you can be like John Krewson and find a used Miata.
What wrecking my dad's Buick taught me about driving
So sure, he hated cars. But when I think about Dad and driving, I remember all this. And of course, he was saying more to me than just …
Compact combat! Focus ST vs Fiesta ST

Buy the Focus. No, wait. The Fiesta. No, the Focus. Both? We threw the two little F bombs into a cage and let them settle it.

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A long drive alone saved my life
Too much time glued to your cell phone or trapped in your cubicle isn't good for the brain. Clear your head the John Krewson way: Take …
How to put an iPad in you car like a DIY master
Keep your eyes on the road, and Apple's wonder device has a place in your car. Here's how to put an iPad (or other tablet) into your ca…
Spotlight: 1984 Ferrari 288 GTO & 1987 Ferrari F40
By the early 1980s, Ferrari had nothing going for it. As the Italians say, the fish stank from the head. Just five years later, everyth…
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Drive your convertible all winter with a heated hoodie
Why let a few feet of snow affect your convertible-driving lifestyle?
The Concept XC is Volvo's future, but not how you think
The Volvo Concept XC signals the direction of Volvo's future, but that doesn't mean it will be produced. Look for its language to influ…
Highway K: Supercar kryptonite
Until about 10 years ago, it was fun to argue about the performance stratosphere. That's when the Bugatti Veyron ended generations of d…
The 2015 Ford Mustang wants to conquer the world
After 50 years, the solid axle is gone. The new global Mustang takes on the world, but will it lose America?
Long-term test wrap up: 2013 Volkswagen Golf R
We love all wheel drive sports cars with turbocharged engines. So why were we a little lukewarm on our long term Golf R? Read on to fin…
Chevrolet's 1978 Performance Classic Pickup Truck
Hiding among the mass of carbon fiber, oversized wheels, and bright shiny things of SEMA, we managed to find an awesome pickup truck fr…
Why we love pickup trucks
It may surprise you to know that almost every staffer has, or wants, an older pickup. This is why we love the workhorses of our fleet.
Highway K: Formulaic
Formula 1 is one of the most popular viewed sports worldwide, rakes in billions of dollars, and is inherently broken. John Krewson brea…
Long-term wrap-up: 2013 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG
Just in case we wanted to invade lesser areas of the country, or perhaps other car magazines, we tested out a 2014 Mercedes-Benz G63 AM…
Elmore Leonard taught me how to hot-wire a car
Sometimes it's not clear what artists teach us. When Elmore Leonard died yesterday, I knew what it was he'd done for me. Leonard taught…
Cheat Sheet: 2014 Volvo C30 Polestar Limited Edition
A searing shade of blue and a rough-and-tumble driving dynamic make the 2014 Volvo C30 Polestar Limited Edition a handful best handled …
great fried chicken triangle
Highway K: The Great Fried Chicken Triangle
"Think of the best things that have ever happened to you. You probably didn't see half of them coming." John Krewson talks about findin…
Cheat Sheet: Nissan Altima V6
Despite being saddled with a CVT transmission, not a favorite around the Road & Track offices, the Altima has more than adequate po…
Fast, Present, Future
America's greatest sports car, America's new F1 track, and America's only F1 driver take on history's greatest race carto teach us what…
John Buffum: The Stuff of Legend
More Americans have walked on the moon than have scored points in the World Rally Championship. John Buffum has done the latter. Here, …
Test Car Intro: 2013 Subaru BRZ
We want so bad for it to be so good.
The Skeptic's Perspective
A former Miata owner meets the legend.