Rob Siegel

What you need to know about your car's cooling system
Cooling-system problems won't just stop you, their wake of destruction will reduce you to tears.
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Here's everything you need to know about drum brakes
That old thing in your garage has drum brakes. Here's everything you need to know to master the old art of stopping.
If you can change your own oil, you can adjust your valves
Cure valve clatter, promote efficient combustion, and part the seas of the less mechanically-inclined in front of you like the feeler g…
Lost Art: Taming the Wild Carburetor
Fear not your carb. Rob Siegel walks us through the basics of carburetion.
Lost Art: The Ancient and Honorable Ritual of the Oil Change
Even if you've never worked on a car before, you can change your oil. Read through our informational guide. Once you do change out the …