Better Than Coffee

The Original Infiniti Q45 Was the Best Q45

Infiniti's first sedan might also have been its best.

Is the RX-3 Mazda's Best Rotary Car?
The RX-7 gets all the glory, but maybe the RX-3 deserves more credit…
<p>Still, it's nice (as always) to see the market pay these very special cars their due.</p>
The 2000GT Was the Original Japanese Supercar

Toyota's original moonshot was one of the best.

Delight in the Loveliness of the Honda S800

Honda's little roadster is a car we wish the company still built.

Which of These 200 Cars Sounds Best?

All of these cars leaving Cars and Coffee sound amazing. Which is your favorite?

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Alfa Romeo Sprint Zagato 1989-1991
Remembering One of Alfa Romeo's Oddest Cars

The SZ, or Il Mostro, looks as odd as any car out there. But that engine note...

Don't Forget the Original Pagani Zonda F

There are so many Zondas now, that you might have forgotten one of the first. You shouldn't.

<p>While the Enzo might have been better if it offered a manual, the LaFerrari would be worse for it. Delivering nearly 1000 horsepower with a manual just wouldn't work. </p>
The LaFerrari Is the World's Best Sounding Hybrid

Who says hybrids have to sound terrible?

Nissan's new 2015 GT-R LM NISMO LMP1 is captured at Circuit of The Americas by Marshall Pruett on 12/17/2014 during the filming of Nissan's Super Bowl ad.
Nissan's Weird Le Mans Racer Was Goofy Sounding Too

The GT-R LM Nismo failed on track and, somehow, sounded a bit too diesely.

There's Nothing Like a 911 GT3 Rally Car

Who says a GT3 needs to stay on track?

Acura's New Endurance Racer Looks and Sounds Mean

It didn't win Daytona, but it will start winning soon.

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Listen to the Daytona-Winning Cadillac DPi

Yesterday, Cadillac won Daytona for the second year in a row. Please, listen to its V8 roar.

Nothing Sounds Like a Shelby Cobra

And nothing looks like a Daytona Coupe.

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Enjoy the Rotary Magic of the Mazda RX-7

Gotta love those spinning doritos.

Listen to the New Mustang Bullitt

A new Bullitt means a new V8 growl.

Listen to the Original Bullitt Mustang

Now that there's a new Bullitt, why not remember where it came from.

The Lexus IS F Sounds Like a Muscle Car

It may not be American, but it has the sound.

<p>Plenty of potent Mercedes-Benz AMG cars hit our roads over the past decade. But there are only a handful of AMG Black Series cars. The Black Series cars are track capable at a level above the normal AMG machines. Only a few cars are ever designated to become Black Series models and one of our favorites was the C63 AMG Black Series. This model cranked the horsepower from 451 in the pedestrian C63 up to 510, and delivered a thunderous blast of exhaust. To make this coupe a real track star, the original suspension was swapped for adjustable coil-overs, the stance was widened and the corners capped with carbon-ceramic brakes. Of course, there were options too like R compound tires, serious carbon-fiber aero pieces and a transmission oil cooler. Less than 100 of these $130,000 monsters reportedly came across the pond. But they were incredibly fun to thrash around a racetrack, with a nimbleness and directness unlike just about any other Mercedes-Benz model except perhaps the mighty SLS.</p>
The Mercedes C63 Sounds So Brutal

A 6.2 liter V8 in a small sedan? Sign us up.

Please Listen to the Lovely E90 M3

It doesn't get better than a V8 M3.

Listen to the Lamborghini You've Never Heard Of

The Diablo GT1 Stradale is all sorts of ridiculous.

The Ferrari F40 LM Sounds Furious

The angriest V8 Ferrari ever?