You Gotta Love the Boss 429

The big Mustang sounds bad ass.

Jaguar's 90s Super Sedan Sounded Lovely

The XJR looked old, but sounded new. Best of both worlds.

The 911 Isn't the Only Great Sounding Porsche

The 928 was supposed to replace the 911.

The C5 Z06 Is a Great-Sounding Bargain

It doesn't get better than this.

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The Lamborghini You Forgot Is Still Lovely

The 350 GT wasn't midengined, but that's not a bad thing.

The Ferrari Superfast Sounds Super Good

The revised Ferrari F12 still sounds amazing.

No Mufflers? No Problem

The SRT-4 had straight pipes from the factory. More cars should have straight pipes from the factory.

Enjoy the Spinning Dorito

Mazda should have kept the rotary around.

Before the Gallardo, Lamborghini thought of building a smaller car with a V10. That car was the Cala, but it was killed even after some journalists drove it.
Lamborghini's First V10 Was Lovely

The Cala never entered production, but it nearly made it.

McLaren's Wildest Track Car Sounds Unreal

You'd expect nothing less from a car named for one of F1's greatest ever drivers.

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One of Gran Turismo's Greatest Touring Cars Sounds Amazing

You likely know the Opel Calibra from Gran Turismo 2, but it's far more impressive in real life.

The XJ220 Sounds as Good as it Looks

Jag's original supercar was one-of-a-kind.

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Revel in the Loveliness of the Lotus Exige

The Exige might have a Camry's engine, but you'd never know from the sound.

Long Live the Evo

The Evo might be dead, but we can always remember how great it is.

It Might Look Like a Fish, But It Doesn't Sound Like One

The Misuoka Orochi has a weird name and a Camry engine. But you wouldn't know from looking at it.

Even an Alfa Romeo Sedan Sounds Good

You can't go wrong with the Busso V6.

This Corvette Is Insanely Loud

The L88 is one of the all time greats.

Nothing Sounds Like a Muscle Car

Please, enjoy this Chevelle.

The Jaguar S-Type R Is Loud and Mad

Jag's vintage looking sedan is all sorts of angry.

The Eadon Green Zeclat Makes a Wonderfully Familiar V8 Rumble

The Corvette-based Geneva star doesn't disappoint in the noise department.

Take a Listen to the 2018 IndyCar

A twin-turbo V6 sounds swell.

Aston Martin's Old V8 Vantage Was a Real Bruiser

The new car might be all about finesse. The old one was about brute force.

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