Alfa Romeo Could Bring a 350-HP Giulia Veloce to t

A 350-hp Giulia would slot in nicely between the 280-hp base model and the 505-hp Quadrifoglio.

Oldest Alfa Romeo That Runs Is Headed to Auction
RM Sotheby's will sell this 1921 G1 at its Arizona event in January.…
Shopping with Colin: Alfa Giulia Sprint Speciale
Rare, gorgeous, and delightful to drive, the Sprint Speciale is the …
Alfa Says Base Stelvio Hits 60 MPH in 5.4 Seconds

That's damn quick for a four-cylinder crossover.

Drag Race: Giulia Quadrifoglio, ATS-V, and M3

It's a battle between the six-cylinder turbocharged sports sedans.

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<p>The <a href="" target="_blank" data-tracking-id="recirc-text-link">Alfa Romeo 4C</a> is effectively a mid-engine&nbsp;Italian exotic for about a quarter of the price. It's got a loud engine, a dual-clutch transmission, and even a carbon-fiber chassis, with the looks to match. But like any Italian exotic, it had its flaws. People don't like their new expensive sports cars to have flaws, possibly why Alfa's only sold 457 units so far this year.</p>
Of Course Refilling an Alfa Romeo 4C's Windshield Washer Fluid Is Crazy Complicated
Because of the way this carbon-fiber Italian sports car is built, refilling the washer reservoir is a multi-step process that requires …
The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Is More Expensive Than an M3

The 505-HP Giulia may be pricey, but the base car starts at under $40,000.

Alfa Romeo Abandoned a New Spider to Focus on Crossovers

Alfa Romeo's plan to build a Giulia-based, rear-drive roadster has apparently fallen by the wayside

<p>The Alfa Romeo 4C is an Italian interpretation of the Lotus Elise. It's a lightweight, mid-engined two door that's smaller than almost every single thing on the road. It's delightfully simple in its construction and purpose, yet it has a dual clutch transmission as the only gearbox. Throw that out, link it to a six-speed manual, and you have a real minimalist sports car.</p>
A Replacement Alfa Romeo 4C Is Probably Not Happening

Make sure to place your order before it's discontinued for good in 2020.

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