Aston Valkyrie's V12 Is Based Off an Old F1 Engine

The Valkyrie's designer Adrian Newey thinks the LaFerrari, P1, and 918 are "big, clumsy, and heavy." Shots fired.

This Is a Nearly Production-Ready Aston Valkyrie
This is our first official look at a near-production ready Aston Mar…
Aston Martin Will Do a Second Midengine Sports Car
The wild AM-RB 001 will set the stage for a new era of mid-engine at…
AM-RB 001 Will Use a Cosworth 6.5-Liter N/A V12
That big Cosworth V12 is only half of the package—the hybrid drivetr…
Aston Martin and Red Bull's Hypercar Is Sold Out

That's no surprise, despite its rumored $3-million price tag.

Aston Martin and Red Bull's Hypercar Generates 4000 Pounds of Downforce with No Wing

The track version of the Aston Martin-Red Bull hypercar will be able to hold four Gs of lateral acceleration.

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Red Bull Is Hiring Hybrid Drivetrain Engineers For Its Aston Martin Hypercar

Aston Martin is aiming straight at the LaFerrari, P1, and 918 Spyder with its new flagship co-developed with Red Bull Racing.

Aston Martin's New Hypercar Engine Will Have a Ludicrously High Redline

If the carmaker achieves its goal, the engine will be the highest revving motor to ever be put into a production road car.

It Really Sounds Like Aston Martin's Mid-Engine Hypercar Isn't Turbocharged

Aston's CEO didn't confirm too many details on this car, but he certainly didn't deny them either.

Aston Martin's Upcoming Hypercar Won't Share an Engine With Any Other Aston

Aston Martin just introduced an all-new 600-horsepower twin-turbo V12, but it's planning something even wilder for the AM-RB 001.

Aston Martin and Red Bull Want to Make a Street Car as Fast as an F1 Racer

Red Bull's F1 ace Adrian Newey will design the AM-RB-001, with a goal of making it lap Silverstone as fast as an F1 car.

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