Ford Is Adding Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for 2017 Model Year

2016 vehicles equipped with Sync 3 will be upgraded later this year.

Is a Self Driving RC Car Still an RC Car?

It's not fast and drives itself. So what is it?

2016 Chevys will have Android Auto and Apple...
Chevy says both smartphone-powered in-dash software systems will be …
2015 Hyundai Sonata first to market with Android...
Android Auto (and Apple CarPlay) will save our dashboards from infur…
Apple CarPlay coming to every major car brand
Apple CEO Tim Cook says 40 models will bring CarPlay to market this …
Understand the anatomy of a car's infortainment system
Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android operating system are coming to our cars. Here's how they will fit into our increasingly intricate …
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This Lamborghini cellphone costs $6,000
The Tonino Lamborghini TL88 Tauri is now up for pre-order. Bring money.
Parrot RNB6
The Parrot RBN6 head unit is all I've ever wanted
Modern infotainment systems universally suck. Parrot's new RNB6 head unit gives you all your smartphone apps and a handy dashcam.
Mercedes gives Apple and Google users the power of choice
Mercedes-Benz has opted to support both Apple's iOS-based CarPlay and the Android-based Google Projected Mode in its new cars. That's a…
Google and Nvidia want to put Android in your car
The automotive connectivity platform wars are heating up as Google, chip maker Nvidia, and four automakers announced a collaboration to…
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