BMW e36

This Child Is Better Than You at Drifting

12-year old Nikolass Bertans, with the help of his coach and a V8-powered BMW, is a full-on drifting prodigy.

E36 M3 Driver Keeps Setting Nurburgring Records
Last week it was 7:31, this week it's six seconds less. Just how fas…
Watch This BMW E36 M3 Set a Fast 'Ring Lap
The driver claims this is the fastest 'Ring lap ever recorded in an …
Proof That Grassroots Racing Is the Best Racing

Forget big-budget racing. This is the good stuff.

How BMW Neutered the U.S. E36 M3
Compared to the European version, the U.S.-spec E36 M3 was hardly an…
A Twenty-Year-Old BMW M3 Handles Itself Shockingly Well on the Autobahn

An owner takes his car 90's BMW M car to the unrestricted Autobahn to see just how well that German engineering holds up.

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This Twenty-Year-Old BMW M3 Has Lost More Than One Horsepower Per Year

This is a Euro spec car, but it still lost power. The good news is that it can be fixed.

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