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15 Cars New Drivers Definitely Shouldn't Buy

Not all cars are suitable first cars, no matter how cool you'll look or how much money you could save. Choose wisely.

BMW M Hasn't Given Up on RWD and Manual Gearboxes
We spoke with M boss Frank van Meel about what the new M5 does, and …
BMW M Performance Parts
BMW M Performance Parts Track Test
BMW sells a bunch of performance parts at the dealership to upgrade …
BMW Is Reportedly Working on a M3 CS
We suspect it'll get a different name, since CS stands for Coupe Spo…
The CS Might Be the Best BMW M4
It sounds like the M4 CS is the perfect compromise between the Compe…
Here's What It's Like to Drive in the Nurburgring 24 Hours

24 hours straight on the worlds greatest track is just as wild as you think it is.

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The 2018 BMW M4 CS Is Here With 454 Horses but No Manual Transmission

The CS is here to be your track-day Bimmer, bridging the gap between the M4 Competition Package and the crazy M4 GTS.

BMW Says The 2018 4-Series Gets Styling Updates. Can You Find Them?

Slight styling updates and minor chassis tweaks come to the 4-Series for 2017.

Shocker: Modifying a BMW M4 Turns it Into a Real Handful On The Street

If you thought the M4 was twitchy before, just wait until you see this track-prepped version.

This Is a Mid-Engined BMW M4 Race Car and It's Kind of Perfect

It has a 500-horsepower E46 M3 CSL engine mounted behind the driver.

BMW Built a 494-HP M4 to Celebrate Its DTM Championship

Only 200 will be made, and sadly, none for the U.S.

A Rumored 'Hardcore' BMW M2 Could Get the M3's Engine

Instead of upgrading the M2's engine, BMW may simply borrow the twin-turbo I6 from the M3 and M4.

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BMW Will Build a Factory M4 GT4 Race Car You Can Buy

The M4 GT4 racecar is based largely on the road car, and will be ready to race for the 2018 season.

444 HP Competition Package for BMW M3 and M4 Costs $5,500

As promised, BMW cranks up the heat on the M3 and M4.

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BMW M3 and M4 Will Get a Competition Package This Spring

This should slot in nicely between the standard M3/M4 and the berserk M4 GTS.

The BMW M4 GTS Sounds Absolutely Raucous
Here it is, the 500-hp "fastest production BMW ever made," ripping around Anglesey Circuit. Crank up the volume.
BMW M4 Destroys Tesla P85D Under Exceedingly Specific Race Conditions

Racing from a roll is dumb, but facts are facts: take away the Tesla's holeshot advantage, and it gets smoked.

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