Cadillac Ending Pirelli World Challenge Program
After 11 seasons in World Challenge, Cadillac is shifting its focus …
Learn to Drive at Cadillac V-Performance Academy
Free with the purchase of a new ATS-V or CTS-V, this two-day driving…
Drag Race: Giulia Quadrifoglio, ATS-V, and M3

It's a battle between the six-cylinder turbocharged sports sedans.

This '48 Cadillac Is an ATS-V Under the Skin
Said another way, this is a '48 Cadillac with a 464-hp twin-turbo V6…
Cadillac's Giving Free Racing School With Every New ATS-V and CTS-V

Buy a new V-series and a ticket to Las Vegas, and the rest is gratis.

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Let a Le Mans-Winning Racer Show You How to Drive Lime Rock Park

Legendary driver and four-time Le Mans class winner Johnny O'Connell gives us a video tour around Lime Rock in a Cadillac ATS-V.

Cadillac ATS-V: Even more powerful than GM anticipated
Cadillac estimated that the twin-turbo V-6 in the upcoming 2016 ATS-V would make 455 horses. SAE testing found nine more. Sweet!


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