15 Tiny Cars That Need a Motorcycle Engine Swap

Nothing wakes up a tiny little car like a screaming motorcycle engine.

How Many Donuts Can a Caterham Do in 60 Seconds?

Chris Hoy, the Olympian turned racing driver, decided to find out.

That Rad New Caterham Sold Out in Just Seven Hours
Showing it off at the Goodwood Revival was all it took for the compa…
Ride Along a Caterham Seven as it Hits the 'Ring
Caterhams might not be the most powerful cars in the world, but on a…
Here's Why the Impossibly Simple Caterham Is Great
It's had the same basic design for more than 50 years, and yet it's …
Caterham Considers Building a Sports Car With Doors and Even a Roof

The company famous for the outrageously bare-bones Seven is thinking of branching out into the world of enclosed vehicles.

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Caterham Launches Its Own Personalization Program

Caterham Signature debuts with the $74,000 Harrods edition.

Caterham's Fastest-Selling Car Is Also Its Slowest

The success of the retro-heavy (but otherwise very light) Seven Sprint proves that we like nothing more than buying a new old car.

This LEGO Caterham 620R Has a Top Speed of Six MPH

This 770-piece set is the best way to spend $80.

The Vintage-Styled Caterham Sprint Celebrates 60 Years of the Lotus 7

Debuting at the Goodwood Revival, the newest Caterham is styled to pay tribute to the original Lotus Seven of 1957.

The Seven 310 Is the New, Perfect Caterham

Planned as an optional upgrade, the 20-hp increase makes the car so good, Caterham spun it off into its own model.

This Man Is Restoring Caterham's Failed F1 Car In His Shed

He plans to rebuild Caterham F1's CT05 race car to its former glory. He's got a long way to go.

Gif from youtube of Caterham Seven drifting from the airways video
Crazy Caterham 'Airways' Ad Shows Just How Bonkers Its Cars Are

Welcome to Caterham Airways, where (tire) smoking is highly encouraged.

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Explore the Abandoned Offices of the Failed Caterham F1 Team

In 2014, the staff was escorted out of the building by security. They never returned.

Caterham Wants to Make the Seven Even Lighter Using Bicycle Technology

We didn't think a car like the Seven could get any lighter.

Lego's Newest Kit Is This Awesome Caterham Seven

Lighter, cheaper, and way easier to assemble than a Caterham kit car.

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The Radical SR3 RS is superbike meets Le Mans car
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Darth Caterham
British firm Caterham has unveiled a very special, one-off model in honor of the Lotus Seven's 50th anniversary.
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