dodge charger

18 Most Powerful Naturally Aspirated Cars On Sale

Turbos are all well and good, but atmospheric is where it's at.

Dodge Recalls 2017 Challenger and Charger Hellcats
A faulty oil line can lead to sudden oil loss, and potentially an en…
This '69 Dodge Charger Was Built to Drive
Most restorations don't see much road action after they're completed…
The Hayabusa Effect Is Real
Even the most powerful performance vehicles in the world start to fe…
The Dodge Charger Daytona 392 Makes No Apologies

It's always loud, whether you like it or not.

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What's Up With This Dodge Charger Test Mule's Wide Tires?

It could be nothing. Or, it could be a four-door Demon.

Autorama Dukes of Hazzard Jump Was Historically Accurate, Right Down to the Crash Landing

Stunt driver Raymond Kohn flew a specially-built '69 Dodge Charger 134 feet to kick off Detroit's hot rod show.

Whoa, Did the New Fast & Furious Trailer Just Reveal a Widebody Hellcat?

With rumors of a widebody Challenger Hellcat ADR swirling, the new Fate of the Furious trailer has us very curious.

Television Show Cars Are Truly Terrible to Drive

Sure, it looks cool, but when it comes to driving, this Charger can't so much as track straight.

Today's Dodge Challenger and Charger Could Stay the Same Until 2021

A rumored 2018 redesign has been delayed, meaning the rear-drive Dodge twins stick around into the next decade.

Chrysler's Upcoming Turbo V6 Could Make More Power Than the 5.7 Hemi

Inside sources hint that a 400-horsepower turbocharged V6 is coming that'll out-muscle the venerated 5.7-liter Hemi.

The Hellcat Was Only Supposed to Make 600 Horsepower
Fiat Chrysler originally aimed for a 600-horsepower target. Then the 662-hp Mustang GT500 happened, and Dodge had to up the ante signif…
This Duramax-Swapped Camaro is Ate Up With Torque

A pair of slick diesel builds are pumping out nearly 1000 lb-ft of torque.

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Fiat Chrysler Recalls 800,000 Vehicles for Confusing Shifter Design
The NHTSA says 41 injuries and more than 120 crashes have been reported, caused by drivers mistakenly exiting the car when it's not in …
This 1650-hp Dodge Charger Just Upped the Ante on the Ringbrothers Recoil

Built by SpeedKore, this Pro Touring Charger hosts an astounding attention to detail.

NHTSA: People Can't Figure Out How to Shift Fiat Chryslers Into Park
NHTSA says a badly-designed automatic shifter is confusing drivers, causing them to exit a vehicle that's still in gear. 121 crashes an…
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How Dennis McCarthy built Furious 7's off-road Charger
The man who built Furious 7's gravity-defying fleet of stunt cars explains Dom Toretto's wild, off-roading, skydiving Dodge Charger.
Dodge halts ordering on new Hellcats
With more than 9,000 orders on the books and 2,200 cars delivered so far, Dodge has to catch up to demand for the 707-hp beasts.