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You Must Buy This Exceedingly Wide-Bodied BMW M3

Show up to a meet in this thing, and you'll draw more attention than a brand new Pagani.

Buy This Basically New 162-Mile E30 for $82,000

BMW perfectionists: This is the car for you.

Tempt Fate With This V8-Swapped Porsche 996
If reliability is the only thing holding you back from the 996 of yo…
Whoa, Someone's Selling a Chrysler Turbine Engine...

It's apparently one of just seven built.

This extremely rare drop-top Ford Ranger could be...
It's not just a Ranger, it's a 1991 SkyRanger—one of fewer than 20 b…
This Linda Vaughn Hurst Chrysler is for sale on eBay
This 1970 Chrysler Hurst 300 that carried Miss Hurst and a giant shifter on parade laps around racetracks throughout the U.S. can be yo…
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Photos: 1980 Mazda RX-7
View photos of a 1980 RX-7 up for auction on eBay that looks to be in great condition.
2011 eBay People's Picks Winners – 2011 SEMA Show
As an enthusiast, youre loyal to specific brands. From engineering, involvement in motorsports, R&D, product depth to styling, fact…

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