Ford GT40

Autodromo's New Watch Is a Tribute to the Ford GT

The Autodromo Endurance Chronograph is offered in five color schemes, each referencing a chapter in Ford GT history.

Watch This GT40 Replica Go 100 MPH Sideways on Ice

Not bad for a kit car based off a 50-year old Le Mans racer.

What Driving an Ford GT40 Race Car Looks Like
That weird right-hand drive, right-mounted stick shift setup actuall…
How Roy Lunn Changed the Automotive World
Automotive visionary Roy Lunn has died at the age of 92. His world-b…
The World's Only Ford GT40 Roadster Is For Sale
This car, chassis #GT/108, is one of the most important GT40s in his…
A.J. Foyt Returned to the 24 Hours of Le Mans for the First Time Since His 1967 Victory
We caught up with Super Tex himself to get his opinion on the state of Le Mans in 2017—and how drastically endurance racing has c…
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Dan Gurney and A.J. Foyt's 1967 Le Mans Win Was Incredibly Casual

The only all-American team to win Le Mans, Gurney and Foyt make it sound like it was easy.

Meet the Man Who Designed the 2005 Ford GT

Camilo Pardo is an artist and designer, and he drives one of the coolest GTs around.

Ford Built a 40,000-Piece Lego GT for Le Mans

It took the model builder three weeks to put it together.

Watch the Painstaking Restoration of the Original Le Mans-Winning Ford GT40
This MkII GT40, chassis P/1046, was Ford's first Le Mans winner in 1966. Here's how it's being restored for a debut at the 2016 24 Hour…
You Can Buy an Entire 1960s Ford Racing Team at this Auction in August

An original GT40, two 289 Cobras, two Boss 302s, and a first-gen Shelby GT350. It's Ford racing heaven.

You Must Watch This Hour-Long Video of 28 Ford GT40s Racing at Goodwood

This is the most GT40s you'll ever see on a racetrack, being driven to the absolute limit.

Watch What Goes Into Painstakingly Restoring the First Le Mans-Winning Ford GT40

When dealing with a car of such historical importance, you have to sweat the details.

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You Have to Hear this Ford GT40 Mk2 Thunder Around the Track

Nothing like a vintage V8 to make your day a bit brighter.

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