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Why Electric Cars Are Better Than Gas-Powered Cars

Sure, the range anxiety and lack of sound might be deal-breakers, but there's no arguing the benefits of going electric.

This Is Audi's New Formula E Factory Race Car
The Audi E-Tron FE04 is the first electric race car from the company…
Porsche Confirms Le Mans Exit, Formula E Team

The news we didn't want to hear has been confirmed.

Mercedes Quitting DTM in 2019 to Race in Formula E
Mercedes will exit the DTM series at the end of 2018, leaving just B…
Porsche Might Drop out of Le Mans to Start Building Formula One Engines

As Porsche decides whether or not to stay in the WEC, its focus shifts to open-wheeled racing.

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BMW Will Finally Join Formula E Next Year

After four seasons of providing safety and medical cars for the series, BMW is finally getting in on the action.

Take a Lap Around the New York Formula E Grand Prix Track

Ride along on a virtual onboard lap through New York's Red Hook street circuit.

How to Nail the Perfect Racing Start

Allow these professional racers explain how to get the perfect standing start every time.

Marchionne Says Ferrari Needs to Be in Formula E

The Ferrari CEO thinks electrification is going to be part of Ferrari's future no matter what.

The World's First Autonomous Race Car Looks Like a Video-Game Dream Machine

When you don't have to put a human inside the car, you can come up with a wild futuristic design like this.

Formula E Race Cars Could Look Like This Starting in 2018

Spark Racing takes over as Formula E chassis supplier starting in 2018, and this rendering could show what the cars will look like.

Ferrari Considers Entering Formula E

But Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne says making its cars "uniquely Ferrari" would be difficult.

The First Formula E Racers Used a McLaren P1 Motor
The electric motor featured in the P1's hybrid drivetrain is lighter and more power-dense than any other unit. No wonder Formula E like…
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McLaren Will Supply New Formula E Batteries With Double the Range

The new 54-kWh batteries will eliminate the mid-race battery swap currently seen in Formula E races.

Take a Look as Formula E Hoons a Racecar on the Very Ice Caps It's Trying to Save

What's the best way to raise awareness about electric cars and the environment? Formula E thinks its ice donuts.

The All-Electric I-Type Is Jaguar's First Race Car in Five Years

It makes its racing debut in Formula E next month.

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Formula E Could Race in New York City in 2017

The draft calendar for the third season of FIA Formula E racing indicates a potential appearance in New York City.

This Wacky Design Is What Roborace's Self-Driving Race Cars Will Look Like

The Formula E support series has released the first images of its upcoming driverless race car, and it's, uh, different. 

Gulf, an Oil Company, Is Sponsoring This Formula E Electric Race Car
We love the Gulf livery as much as anyone, but this puzzles us.

Jaguar Is Officially Going Racing in 2016 . . . In Formula E
Next fall, Jaguar will return to open-wheel racing for the first time since 2004—only this time, it's in the all-electric FIA Formula E…
Dario Franchitti joins Formula E as television commentator
The all-electric (and virtually silent) Formula E series kicks off this September. Now, Dario Franchitti has joined the new open-wheel …
This is what the future sounds like, but is Formula E better than coffee?
The likes of a Tesla Model S and a Renault Formula E racer prove that ear-thumping and tire shedding are no longer mutually exclusive. …
See the future of racing with this Formula E test footage
Watch the first official video with the sights and sounds of Formula E.
Formula E's first car - the Spark-Renault SRT_01E
The first Formula E car has been revealed at Frankfurt: the Spark-Renault SRT_01E. It's set to be the common car used by all teams in t…
Andretti Autosport signs on for Formula E
One of the most respected and accomplished teams in American open-wheel racing throws its hat into the ring for the new, electric racin…
Team Williams is the newest big name from F1 to join Formula E
First, McLaren. Then, Renault. Now, Formula E recruits Williams to build the battery for its inaugural racers. With big names like this…
Photos: Spark-Renault SRT 01E
Photos of the newly announced Renault powered Spark Formula E racecar
Renault to bring a French accent to Formula E
There is often truth in rumors. Yesterday, Formula E announced that Renault would join its technical partners, using its technical and …