Ford Just Sued John Cena For Flipping His Ford GT

All GT buyers have to sign a contract with Ford saying they won't sell their car for two years. Cena allegedly sold his just weeks after taking delivery.

Watch This Street-Legal Ford GT Hit 292 MPH

Nearly 300 mph in a car with a license plate. That's outrageous.

Ford GT Deliveries Have Been Delayed
We know you're all waiting to receive your GTs. Unfortunately, you'l…
Ohio Dealer Offers 10-Second Mustangs for $60,000
Wish Ford made a competitor to the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon? Leban…
Ford Delivered Nine GTs in the US Last Month
Since beginning production last December, Ford has delivered GTs to …
It Takes Nine Days to Complete a Ford GT

The people behind Forza got an inside look at the Ford GT factory. It's more McLaren than Ford.

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Ford Almost Took the Mustang to Le Mans Instead of the GT

Raj Nair reveals that the GT was developed in response to a cancelled Mustang race car.

Meet the Man Who Designed the 2005 Ford GT

Camilo Pardo is an artist and designer, and he drives one of the coolest GTs around.

The "Lightweight" Ford GT Competition Series Still Weighs More Than 3000 Pounds

The Competition Series has been available since GT production began, meaning it's not a "special weight saving package."

Just Sitting In the Ford GT Feels Special

It's unlike any other car on sale today.

This Is the Carbon Fiber Ordering Kit You Get When You Buy a Ford GT

Forza Motorsports' Alan Hartman is getting a GT. Lucky for us, he's sharing the ordering process.

Ford Is Racing Four GTs at the Daytona 24

The company wants to recreate its 2016 Le Mans success in the U.S.

Ford Will Build One GT Per Day From December 2016 to October 2020

According to a leaked brochure, the entire order, build, and delivery process takes nine months.

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The Grand Tour Will Tape In Nashville, Here's How to Get Tickets

Missed Clarkson, Hammond, and May in California? Here's your chance to see them in Tennessee.

Even Ford GT Prototypes Aren't Exempt From Traffic Laws

Everyone wants a closer look at the Ford GT . . . especially the Colorado State Patrol.

Rejoice! Ford Confirms Two More Years of GT Production

On the waitlist for a Ford GT? Well, we've got good good news for you.

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This Is the Tragic Letter You Get When Your Ford GT Application Is Denied

Thousands of people applied to buy a 2017 Ford GT. Unfortunately, most of them will receive this letter.

Ford Reportedly Requires Dealers To Have a Dedicated Clean Room to Service the GT

The GT is unlike any Ford ever built, and so are its servicing requirements.

Ford Built a 40,000-Piece Lego GT for Le Mans

It took the model builder three weeks to put it together.

How the 2017 Ford GT Stacks up Against Its Rivals

Comparing what we know about the 2017 Ford GT with the cars it will likely compete with.

There Are 7000 People On the List to Buy a Ford GT

The bad news is, Ford's only going to build 500 of them.

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