honda civic type r

Why the Civic Type R Has Virtually No Torque Steer

The new Civic Type R sends 306 hp to its front wheels. You'd think it'd be a torque-steering mess, but thanks to clever engineering, it's not.

Watch the Honda Civic Morph From 1973 to 2017
The Honda Civic hatch has been around since 1973, and a lot has chan…
Civic Type R Crate Engine Available, With a Catch
You can buy the 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder from the Civic Type R,…
How Honda Modified the Civic Type R's Engine
One of our favorite hot hatches and your Uber driver's new car share…
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The New 2018 Honda Accord Starts at $24,445

Yes, you can get it with a stick. But you can't get a coupe.

Every Honda Civic Type R Deserves These Rad White Wheels

These new wheels are part of Honda's Japanese-market accessories for the Type R.

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The Civic Type R Didn't Get a Dual Clutch Because It Would Be Too Heavy

Honda tried to make a case for an automatic gearbox in the Type R, but weight ruled it out.

Why the 2017 Honda Civic Type R Has Three Tailpipes

Here's what the small middle exhaust pipe on the Civic Type R actually does.

First Drive: 2017 Honda Civic Type R

It's bigger than any previous Type R, with a 306-hp turbocharged engine. Is that sacrilege, or precisely what Soichiro would want?

Watch the 2017 Honda Civic Type R Set a New FWD Nurburgring Lap Record

With a 7:43.80 lap time, the 306-horsepower turbocharged Type R snatches front-drive victory from the hottest VW GTI.

Honda Sends Off the Euro Civic Type R with 100-Unit Black Edition

Then it's time to start building the new one.

AWD vs. FWD vs. RWD: Which Is Fastest Around The Track?

Three of today's hottest new sporting cars go head to head on a slippery british circuit.

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How the Civic Si Makes Sense Next to the Mighty Type-R

They're both high-performance versions of the 10th-generation Civic. But that's where the similarities end.

Here's the Red-and-Black Interior of the 2017 Civic Type-R Concept Car

Y'know, this looks a lot like a production-ready car.

How Does an E36 M3 Compare to a 306-hp 2016 Civic Type R on the Track?
One is a beloved European sports sedan. One's a turbocharged hot hatchback with a Nurburgring lap record. Which one reigns supreme on t…
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<p><a href="" target="_blank" data-tracking-id="recirc-text-link">The new Honda Civic</a> is pretty fun&nbsp;for a compact sedan, but ever since our first drive, we've been itching to get behind the wheel of the performance versions. Specs are still scarce, <a href="" target="_blank" data-tracking-id="recirc-text-link">but the Civic Si</a> and <a href="" target="_blank" data-tracking-id="recirc-text-link">the even-more-hardcore Type R</a> promise to be true enthusiasts' cars.&nbsp;</p>
Here's the Civic Type R That's Coming to America in 2017
Honda's calling this a concept car, but it gives us a great idea of what the Civic Type R will look like when it comes to the U.S. in 2…
Listen to the Angry Scream of an All-VTEC Race

Best Motoring's S2000 vs. Civic Type R race is the most VTEC we've heard since The Fast and the Furious debuted.

Watch the Best Hot Hatches You Can't Get in the U.S. Do Battle on Track

We can't buy these cars in the U.S., which makes watching them duke it out even better.

The Next Honda Civic Type R Could Make 340 Horsepower, Says a Rumor

It'll still be front-wheel drive, with a six-speed manual transmission.

This Prototype of the Next Honda Civic Type R Sounds Mean

This video caught what looks like the Honda Civic Type R out at the Nurburgring.

This Is How the Honda Civic Type R Has Evolved Over the Past 15 Years

Turbocharged or not turbocharged? That's the question.

Honda Civic Type R Engine: So Powerful, They Build it in the U.S.
The 2015 Honda Civic Type R isn't going on sale in the U.S. market, but its brutish 306-hp turbo 2.0-liter engine is built in Ohio.
Honda says 10th-gen Civic Type R will come to US market
The upcoming 10th generation of the Civic, due out this fall, will include a new Civic Type R destined for US shores.
The fastest FWD car around the 'Ring? It's this Honda
Honda says this preproduction 2015 Civic Type R is identical to the street car. Watch it lap the 'Ring in a FWD record-setting 7:50.