Lamborghini Countach

Rare and Ridiculous eBay Finds

No price is too high, no car is too outlandish.

15 Radical Wedge-Shaped Cars

Nothing is as striking as a wedge-shaped sports car.

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Road Tripping In a Lamborghini Countach
The Countach isn't what you'd call a good long distance car. You can…
Valentino Balboni on Why a Countach Still Thrills
Valentino Balboni test drove every car Lamborghini built for 40 year…
A Father of the Lamborghini Miura Has Died
Paolo Stanzani, who later led development of the Countach, has died …
Just Some Countaches Out on an Afternoon Drive

Harry Metcalfe and some Lamborghini-owning pals spend a day driving their Countachs through England. What could be better?

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It Takes 40 Hours to Detail a Lamborghini Countach

Detailing a classic Italian super car takes an insane amount of time.

Watch the Coolest 1970s Sports Cars Battle on Track

The results will surprise you. We're not kidding.

Jerry Seinfeld Explains Why We Love Italian Cars

Leave it to a comedian to understand the irrational appeal of an Italian car.

Revisiting Morley Safer's 60 Minutes Report on the Lamborghini Countach

In honor of the late Morley Safer, let's watch this fantastic vintage feature.

Send In The Wolf: This Special Lamborghini Countach Saved The Company

F1 mogul Walter Wolf's custom Lamborghinis gave the Countach its iconic look.

The World's Only Amphibious "Lamborghini Countach" Is for Sale on eBay

At just under $27,000, it's way cheaper than buying a Countach and a boat.

The Lamborghini Countach Is Not a Disappointment

The Countach frequently gets a bad rap. It's not deserved.

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