Lancia Stratos

15 Radical Wedge-Shaped Cars

Nothing is as striking as a wedge-shaped sports car.

Driving a Stratos Is an Assault on the Senses
Nothing can prepare you for all the wonders you'll experience behind…
Behold the Joy of a Lancia Stratos on a Hillclimb
The Group 4 rally legend still sounds as good today as it did in the…
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Historic Rallies Are Even More Fun Than WRC
Sure, the cars might not be nearly as fast, but the sights and sound…
Never Forget How Awesome the Lancia Stratos Was

If you ever need a reminder, just rewatch this video.

The Lancia Stratos Was Born to Rally

Watch ex-Formula 1 driver Erik Comas wheel a Stratos rally car to the limit.

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Watch These Lancia Stratos Rally Cars Get Pushed to The Absolute Limit
Thankfully, a few Stratos owners are still willing to use their cars as intended, blessing us with the sights and sounds of authentic G…
The Lancia Fulvia Was a Giant Killer

A rally-honed runabout was the best front-drive car we've ever tested.


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