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Ten of the Coolest Five-Cylinder Cars Ever

Here are some cool and quirky five-cylinder cars worth remembering.

The Defender Was Incredibly Rare in America
Land Rover only shipped over 500 examples of the 110 for the US. Now…
You Must Buy This Completely Custom Land Rover
It may look like a modified Defender, but it's actually a Discovery …
Land Rover Announces Defender Driving Experience
The Defender Driving Experience is your best opportunity to drive th…
Next Land Rover Defender Will Be Sold in the US
Breaking with years of body-on-frame tradition, Land Rover's next De…
This Track-Ready V8-Swapped Land Rover Defender Will Rewire Your Brain

Ever see a Defender hold its own against a Porsche 911 on track? Neither have we.

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The Guy Who Tried to Bring Back the Defender Now Wants to Build His Own 4x4

British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe couldn't do a continuation Defender, so now he wants to build an all-new old-school SUV.

The Man Behind the Wildest Land Rovers On the Planet Has Died

Drew Bowler, creator of the famous Land Rover performance firm Bowler Motorsport, passed away on Monday.

Next Land Rover Defender Coming in 2018, Based on Discovery Architecture

Jaguar-Land Rover chief Ralf Speth says the new design is finished and looks "fantastic."

British Billionaire Wants to Bring Back the Land Rover Defender

Land Rover is redesigning the Defender to be a thoroughly modern SUV, but one Brit wants to keep making them the old fashioned way.

These 1960s Films Illustrate Why The Original Land Rover Was So Loved

With some ingenuity, there was nothing you couldn't do with a Series Land Rover.

Land Rover Just Built the Final Defender After 68 Years of Production

A new one is coming, but this is truly the end of an era.

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Watching RC Cars Off-Roading Is Incredibly Entertaining

A video of three Land Rovers and a Land Cruiser off-roading would have been great, but the small scale makes it even better.

Red Bull's All-Terrain Party Van Is a Land Rover-Powered DJ Booth

Built on a Land Rover Defender 4x4 chassis, this mobile rave brings the party pretty much anywhere.

Corvette-powered Defenders: The best of a dying breed
Twisted Automotive celebrates the Land Rover Defender's legacy by shoehorning in 520-horse LS3 V8s. It's a fitting tribute.
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Watching Land Rover Defenders assembled by hand is strangely soothing
There are no multi-million-dollar robots on the Defender assembly line. Just English handcrafted skill.
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