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Liberty Media

Formula 1 Is Moving to ESPN

Over a year after Liberty Media's purchase of F1, the sport's television broadcasting rights have been acquired by ESPN.

F1 Bosses Reportedly Want an NYC Grand Prix
With Liberty Media at the helm, the dream of a Grand Prix just over …
Bernie Ecclestone Ousted as Formula One Boss
The longtime F1 supremo's role will be filled by Liberty Media-appoi…
F1's New Owner Wants to Capitalize on Gambling

Why let bookies make all the money off the people betting on F1?

Vettel Wants to Bring "Screaming V12s" Back to F1
Vettel and other drivers speak up about the changes they'd like to s…
F1's New Owner Wants More U.S. Fans Without "Americanizing the Sport"

The new F1 Chairman, Chase Carey, thinks there's opportunity for the racing series to develop a real fanbase in America.

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U.S. Media Company Buys Stake in F1, Will Evolve into Full Purchase

Bernie Ecclestone will remain CEO for the foreseeable future.