2018 BMW M3 CS: Here It Is

The BMW M3 is going on a diet, thanks to lots of carbon fiber and a stripped-out interior.

You Must Buy This Exceedingly Wide-Bodied BMW M3
Show up to a meet in this thing, and you'll draw more attention than…
Here's the 2019 BMW M3 CS Testing at the 'Ring
This special-edition is set to be the most powerful M3 ever, and it …
BMW M Performance Parts
BMW M Performance Parts Track Test
BMW sells a bunch of performance parts at the dealership to upgrade …
This E36 M3 Driver Keeps Setting Nurburgring Records

Last week it was 7:31, this week it's six seconds less. Just how fast is this guy?

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All the Reasons Why the BMW E30 M3 Is Worth its Steadily-Increasing Price

They're getting more and more expensive, but a good E30 M3 is still worth it even if it's no longer a bargain.

This Twenty-Year-Old BMW M3 Has Lost More Than One Horsepower Per Year

This is a Euro spec car, but it still lost power. The good news is that it can be fixed.

Someone Turned a BMW E92 M3 Into a Pickup Truck

The German El Camino you didn't know you desperately wanted.

Watch How the BMW 3-Series Evolved Over 40 Years

The 3 Series has changed a lot since 1975, but the general concept remains the same.

A Dealer Wants $200,000 for a 1991 BMW E30 M3

You could have this, or three new M3s.

You Need to Drive an E30 BMW With an E46 M3 Engine Swap

BMW's ultimate naturally aspirated straight-six in a tiny 3 Series is a recipe for big fun.

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BMW celebrates 40 years of the legendary 3 Series
Watch how BMW's quintessential sport sedan, introduced in May 1975, has evolved over six generations and four decades.

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