mclaren p1 gtr

Watch Two of Britain's Track Specials Face Off

McLaren P1 GTR versus Aston Martin Vulcan: Is there really a wrong choice here?

Setting a Goodwood Record Looks Like Hard Work
Go onboard with Kenny Brack as he sets the record for street-legal c…
The McLaren 675LT Is No Match For the P1 GTR
The Long-Tail 675 is one of the most capable new road cars, but agai…
The P1 GTR Is an Easy-to-Drive Track Monster
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$4.36 Million Buys a Street-Legal McLaren P1 GTR

You'll just have to pick it up in the Netherlands if you want it.

Holy Crap: There's a Road-Legal McLaren P1 GTR For Sale

Good luck getting it registered in the U.S., though.

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Tour McLaren's Incredible P1 GTR Workshop

Here are 12 visions of McLaren perfection, with so many colors to choose from.

McLaren P1 GTR track-only superbeast coming to Geneva
The 986 hp hypercar costs more than $3 million, but comes with its own racing series, pit crew, and driver training.

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