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Here's How a "Hot V" Turbocharged Engine Work

Cars like the Mercedes-AMG GT use a V8 with turbochargers inside the V of the engine. Here's why it's better.

Revel In the Noise of the Mercedes-AMG GT3's V8
The Mercedes-AMG GT street car uses a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, but t…
Mercedes-AMG GT Sedan Could Get a Six-Cylinder
While the two-door GT is exclusively available with a roaring V8, th…
The Bonkers Mercedes-AMG GT R Will Cost $157,995

That puts it right between the 911 GT3 and GT3 RS.

AMG's Four-Door Sedan Will Hit Production in 2018
Based on the same platform as the E-Class, we think AMG's four-door …
The Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupe Is the Perfect Middle Child

Slotting between the GT S and the crazy GT R, the AMG GT C Coupe is just right.

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The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Might Not Arrive Until 2018

The 577-HP GT R is already crazy enough. Where does AMG go with the GT Black Series?

The Mercedes-AMG GT Was Born to Be a Convertible

The Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster is the muscular Benz in its ultimate form. It's perfect.

Is the Less Powerful Mercedes-AMG GT More Fun Than the GT S?

The base GT isn't as powerful or high-tech as the GT S, but it might be a better sports car.

Mercedes-AMG Could Have a Big Presence in U.S. Sports Car Racing Next Year

A prototype and a GT3 car from AMG racing in IMSA? That'd be grand.

There's a New Base-Model Mercedes-AMG GT That's $20,000 Cheaper
With 47 less horsepower than the AMG GT S and a slightly more stripped-down interior, the base-model GT is a relative bargain at $112,0…
The Track-Ready Mercedes-AMG GT R Could Make 570 Horsepower

That's a healthy boost over the already-powerful Mercedes-AMG GT S with 503 horses.

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Mercedes-AMG Is Rumored to be Considering an F1-Inspired Road Car

The Mercedes-AMG GT could get a more expensive, mid-engine big brother.

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Mercedes-AMG GT Black Bison Edition Is Neither Black Nor Bison

But this Wald International body kit is awesome just the same.

Jeremy Clarkson's Last Top Gear Lap Was a Tire-Shredding Farewell

Two Ferraris, one Mercedes, and one last glorious powerslide.

SPIED: 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series
Our spies catch a mean looking Mercedes prototype with super-aggressive aero testing at the Nürburgring.

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