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Mercedes Quitting DTM in 2019 to Race in Formula E

Mercedes will exit the DTM series at the end of 2018, leaving just BMW and Audi.

Here's How Race Stewards Extract an F1 Driver
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Lightly-Used Mercedes-Benz for Sale
Only driven on weekends, garage kept, maintained by Mercedes special…
Williams Okay With Losing Bottas to Mercedes

That is, if there's someone good enough to replace him.

Mercedes Wants Bottas as Rosberg's Replacement
Mercedes Petronas F1 has apparently made Williams a substantial offe…
Mercedes F1 Team Had No Idea Nico Rosberg Was Retiring

Mercedes Petronas boss Toto Wolff says he had no knowledge of the recent F1 Champion's decision to retire.

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Nico Rosberg Signed His New Mercedes F1 Contract in Total, Awkward Silence

The 31 year old German decides to stay with Mercedes into 2018, without having to say a word.