Cheap '90s Performance Cars Track Battle

A bunch of Hondas, a Miata, and a Volkswagen Corrado come together for this awesome track showdown.

This Miata Has a 1000-HP Twin-Turbo V8

Cornering isn't the only thing Miatas are good for.

Watch as This Mazda Miata Engine Is Dismantled
Please watch as a 1.6 liter engine from an NA Miata is meticulously …
Koenigsegg's Test Driver Hits the 'Ring in a Miata

A reminder you don't need 1340 horsepower to go fast.

How the Mazda MX-5 Cup Factory Race Car Compares to the Street-Legal Miata

Mazda's racing-spec MX-5 uses the same 155-hp engine as the roadgoing Miata, but there are plenty of differences between the two.

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Parts Demand From Amateur Racers Helps Mazda Justify the Miata's Business Case

Mazda's business case for the MX-5 includes profits from selling replacement parts to amateur racers who smash up their Miatas.

Driving the World's Most Painstakingly Personalized NA Miata

The Garage Woolery Miata is a legend among NA enthusiasts. Matt Farah tells you what it's actually like behind the wheel.

Watch This Brave Little Rally Miata Tackle an Off-Road Course

Miatas might be great on the track, but they look just as fun driving through a pool of mud.

The Mazda MX-5 Miata RF Doesn't Take Snow Days Off

When Winter Storm Stella aimed a blizzard at New York City, we didn't tell the hardtop Miata to stay home.

The First-Gen Mazda Miata Is Now Old Enough to Have Its Own Vintage Racing Series

The Mazda Miata Heritage Cup is open to 1990-1993 1.6-liter Miatas.

Mazda's SEMA 2016 Miatas Have All the Right Modifications

These are our sort of SEMA cars.

Mazda Offers MX-5 RF Preorders to Miata Superfans

Loyal Mazda customers have been invited to place the very first orders for the 2017 Miata MX-5 with the retractable hardtop.

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Is the New Mazda Miata Really Any Better Than the First One?

Carfection tests the new ND Miata against the first-generation NA Miata to see if it's really worth the premium.

Mazda Will Send 1000 Targa-Topped MX-5 Miata RF Launch Editions to the U.S.

You can have it any color you like, as long as it's gray.

All the Details on Flyin' Miata's New 525-HP V8 Swapped MX-5

Keith Tanner gives us the scoop on how Flyin' Miata fit a 6.3-liter GM LS3 under a 2016 MX-5 Miata's hood.

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Flyin' Miata's V8-Swapped 2016 MX-5 Is Alive With 525 Horsepower

And it weighs almost exactly the same as a stock 2016 Miata.

<p>Mazda doesn't like to talk about the Miata's 0-60 mph time because it says <a href="http://quizcards.info/new-cars/road-tests/videos/a26964/2016-mazda-miata-in-depth/" target="_blank">the Miata</a> is about sensation and experience, not hard numbers. But the same lightweight construction that makes it a blast in the curves also makes it pretty quick. It'll hit 60 mph in <a href="http://www.caranddriver.com/mazda/mx-5-miata" target="_blank">slightly less than six seconds</a>. </p>
The Next-Gen Miata Might be Made of Carbon Fiber

And a lighter Miata could mean a smaller engine.

Watch a Spec Miata Embarrass a Porsche 911 Turbo S on Track

A 120-horsepower Miata sticks to a 580-horsepower 911 Turbo S like glue, proving once again that it's all about the driver.

The Mitsuoka Roadster Is A Car Charmed Heartily

A Japanese conversion aping a British roadster, built upon a Japanese interpretation of a British roadster.

Order your 2016 Miata Launch Edition right now
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2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata gets an EPA-rated 36 mpg
The smaller, lighter roadster is way more fuel efficient than the outgoing NC Miata.
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Photos from a long drive in a small car
Our 2006 Miata helped save our marriage. Check out photos from our 10-day blast to California and back.
Mazda shows off a fully-accessorized 2016 MX-5 Miata
At the Chicago auto show, Mazda gives a glimpse at how you might trick out your new Miata.
2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Accessories – Photos
Mazda showed off its accessory line for the 2016 MX-5 Miata at the Chicago Auto Show.