Morgan Now Makes An Electric 3-Wheeler for Kids
Like the full-size vehicle it's modeled after, the EV3 Junior is a c…
Here's the Very First Production Morgan EV3
Morgan's first electric 3-wheeler looks kind of like a happy tarantu…
Morgan Could Start Selling Cars in the U.S. This...
Thanks to the Low Volume Vehicle Manufacturers Act of 2015, four-whe…
The Simpsons Featured a Morgan 3-Wheeler and Jay...

Oh, and there's also a 1973 Citroen DS Pallas.

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Morgan Will Show an Electric 3-Wheeler at the Geneva Motor Show

Think of it as an extremely British answer to the Tesla Model S.

Morgan Will Add Hybrid and Electric Drivetrains to its Lineup by 2019

The British maker of old-school, wood-framed throwbacks will add some advanced drivetrains to the mix in coming years.

The Discrete Charm of a Decaying Car

Seduced by the idea of a cheap Morgan 4/4, our intrepid hero discovers the horrors that hide beneath the shade tree.

Side Glances: Fenced in at the Morgan Factory
Peter Egan gets caught in the great Malvern Morgan trap, and despite himself (and the situation), is inexplicably drawn to the 4/4.
A new Morgan Aero 8 appears in Geneva
The exterior, in the grand Morgan tradition, looks largely the same. But there are changes afoot under the skin.
2015 Morgan Aero 8 - The Official Photos
Here's the first look at the still-familiar-looking Morgan Aero 8, which gets freshened under the skin and in the cockpit.
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Watch a Morgan being built from scratch out of aluminum and wood
When Morgan says their roadsters are hand-built by craftsman, they aren't joking. Watch bare wood and raw aluminum panels take shape in…
Kids challenge dad to scratch-build a LEGO Morgan, dad delivers
Were not sure whos smarter here, the kids or the dad. Either way, everybody wins, thanks to this brilliant LEGO Morgan 3 Wheeler.
The Morgan 3 Wheeler is more fun than a horse
The Morgan 3 Wheeler is the difference between driving and motoring. Alex Goy of XCAR explains.
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Buy this Morgan Aero Supersports and a Dutch wooden hot tub
Morgan takes the traditional but unconventional route when building cars, using wood as an integral part of construction. Why not pair …
The five things you need to know about the 2014 Morgan 3 Wheeler
A better Morgan 3 Wheeler for 2014, but don't worry. It hasn't gone soft.
Classic British tin motors on the All-British Vancouver-to-Whistler run.
The third weekend in May marks one of the largest all-British car meets on the west coast. After entrants have finished exhibiting, the…
It's my daily driver: 2012 Morgan 3 Wheeler
"I can't imagine that a guy who leases a Lamborghini Aventador has as much fun as me. When I pull up to a club, a car like that is move…
Morgan Plus E – 2012 Geneva Auto Show
The award for the most unlikely car of the show must go to Morgans electrified Plus E. The Plus E is based on a tailored version of Mor…
New Morgan 3-Wheeler to Debut at 2011 Geneva Show
The British press broke an embargoand the news is out: Morgan Motor Cars is going to show a 21st-century version of its fabled 3-wheel …