Get Ready for Hypersoft and Superhard Tires in F1

For the 2018 season, Pirelli has introduced two new tire compounds, expanding their dry weather "rainbow" to seven colors.

Pirelli Has Pink Tires for Breast Cancer Awareness
With this ultra-soft tire, Pirelli is hoping to highlight the work o…
Pirelli Just Launched New Tires For Classic Cars
The Italian company just announced a new tire just for the Lancia Fl…
The Shocking Difference Between F1 Tires
With the new tires being 25 percent wider than the current ones at b…
Being a F1 Tire Supplier Takes More Than You Think
Pirelli was a tire supplier when F1 started in 1950, but to play thi…
Vettel Already Started Testing Next Year's Wider F1 Tires

The wider track and the increased patch means 2017 F1 cars will be faster than ever.

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Fernando Alonso 'Not at All Happy' in Formula 1, Considering Leaving for Le Mans

Fernando Alonso isn't a fan of the V6 turbo hybrid cars or their tires, and might jump ship if nothing changes.

Pirelli Decided to Go a Completely Different Direction With Its 2016 Calendar

It was photographed by Annie Leibovitz and features Amy Schumer and Serena Williams.

Vintage Ad Art: Road-tripping with Pirelli in 1951
The Italian tire manufacturer has a deep, fantastic archive to draw from.
Acura adds second TLX GT in Pirelli World Challenge
Ryan Eversley and Peter Cunningham are the two drivers tapped to run the AWD, twin-turbo V6 cars in the World Challenge GT class.
Pirelli and Lotus test 18-inch Formula 1 tires
13-inch Formula 1 rubber doesn't teach Pirelli much about the majority of its business: road tires. It's working with Lotus F1 to study…
Formula 1 proposes two mandatory pit stops for 2014
Next month, the Formula 1 Strategy Group meeting will examine some proposed pit stop rules that may dramatically change one of the few …
The story of Helmut Newton's secret Pirelli Calendar photos
In 1986, two photographers were comissioned to shoot the illustrious Pirelli Calendar. One set of pictures was featured, the other stas…
Losing Pirelli would impact 2014 F1 season, says McLaren
McLaren F1's managing director speaks out on the potential effects of discontinuing Pirelli's contract, as the tiremaker remains in lim…
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Horner: Red Bull declined invitation to take part in tire test
The plot thickens re: the F1 Testgate scandal, as Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner says that Pirelli offered them the ch…
Testgate: Pirelli's side of the story
Pirelli calls coverage of latest Formula 1 scandal "diasppointing" and says it operated within the rules of its FIA/F1 commercial deal.…
Testgate fallout: No new Pirellis at Canadian GP
As Formula 1's Testgate scandal continues to percolate, Pirelli decides to delay the introduction of its new tires, originally slated f…
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Testgate: A primer on F1's latest scandal
Not since the "spygate" controversy that involved McLaren has Formula One been embroiled in such high seated controversy. This time tho…
Test Car Update: 2012 Buick Regal GS
A Buick, but not so you'd notice.
F1: Pirelli Makes Changes for 2012
Was it that long ago when tire makers about burst with effort to make Formula One tires that were faster and longer lasting than the ot…
Pirelli: More Tire Changes this Year in F1
Tire trivia at racing's pinnacle, attack of the killer skeuomorphs.
That Was Quick
As in Nick Heidfelds tenure as the Pirellis official test driver for the Italian automaker as it prepares tires for the next season of …
Power is Nothing Without Control...of F1
Pirelli's return will provide the sport with a huge shake-up as teams and drivers get used to the new product.
Pirelli Set for F1 Return
As we predicted several weeks ago when Pirelli announced that it would be supplying tires to GP Formula 2 (an F1 feeder series), the It…
Pirelli back in F1?
Not really. But the question of what company will supply tires to the top series remains open when Bridgestones contract runs out after…
Brabus V12 GLK Speed Wagon
The fastest SUV in the world!
2008 Pirelli McRae Enduro Trofeo
This vehicle is designed as a competitive T2 off-road racer.


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