How Mopar Engineers Made the Winged Cars Safe

The winged cars turned into weapons in a crash before Mopar engineers came up with a clever solution.

The Plymouth Horizon TC3 Miser Was 40MPG Average
An average of 40 miles per gallon in 1982, with more interior space …
Ten Cars That Could Skyrocket in Value in 2017

According to Hagerty, these cars should make a nice investment.

Leno Sells '50 Plymouth to Help Mechanic's Family
Bob Sales was a beloved mechanic at Leno's Big Dog Garage who lost h…
A 1985 Plymouth Horizon Is 50 Shades of Brown

When Chrysler needed something new, it called France.

This Retro Review Reminds Us How Hot the 1997 Plymouth Prowler Was

On a scale from one to 10, anticipation for the Prowler's arrival was "a solid 100," according to Motorweek's John Davis.

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The 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Was Quicker with an Automatic than a Manual

These days that's expected, but 40 or 50 years ago, it was much less common.

Jamming a Seaplane's Engine into a 1930s Pickup

Jay Leno believes there's a smokey reason why the 1939 Plymouth Radial Air came out of Colorado.

Every Detail That Makes the Plymouth Road Runner Superbird Special

The guy who wrote the book on the Superbird gives you a tour of a beautiful example.

You Can Buy a Plymouth Superbird the EPA Once Used for Testing Airplane Emissions

Owned by the EPA to test aircraft emissions, this Superbird is completely restored and going to auction this October.

Jay Leno's "Hemi Under Glass" Wheelie Went About as Wrong as Possible

Thankfully, Jay and drag racing legend Bob Riggle are unhurt after this 2500-hp wheelie went very sideways.

NHRA-Winning 1968 Barracuda Is Worth A Million In Prizes

This Super Stock Barracuda won its class at the 1969 NHRA Winternationals.

The Plymouth Prowler Was Secretly Chrysler's Most Important Engineering Experiment
The man who designed the Prowler told us a story you've never heard about the cutting-edge engineering behind the retro-inspired hot ro…
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A Look Back at the Best of America's Race-Bred Classic Cars

It wasn't so long ago that American automakers would gladly sell you a barely-homologated race car for the streets.

Jay Leno Drives the Best Hurst Hemi Cuda Ever Built
Chris McCollum stops by Jay Leno's Garage with a '67 Plymouth Barracuda built as a tribute to the legendary drag cars of the '60s.
Watch Richard Petty's Superbird thunder down a rural road
The King's 1970 Plymouth stock car gets freed from its museum for an illicit romp down a North Carolina byway. You just have to hear it…
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