Clarkson: Rimac, Hammond, and Range Rover

Jeremy Clarkson on Richard Hammond's Rimac crash and the possible brilliance of an electric Range Rover.

Best TV Chyron Ever
Richard Hammond and wife Mindy went on British talk show "This Morni…
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How Richard Hammond Crashed the Rimac Concept One
Entering the left hander too fast made the torque vectoring push the…
Rimac Concept One Crashes During Grand Tour Shoot
This melted wreck is all what's left of the 1224 horsepower Rimac Co…
Rimac Wants To Be The Biggest OEM EV Supplier
Rimac will make up to 200 of its next car, also launching a venture …
Riding in the Rimac Concept One in New York City

Riding in the first electric supercar from the most ambitious automaker in Europe.

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The 1224 Horsepower Rimac Concept One Is the Perfect Hypercar for the City
Driving around Manhattan in one of the eight Rimac Concept Ones means you have 1180 ft.-lb. at all times for outrunning those yellow ca…
This Is How Rimac's Extremely Cool 1073-HP Torque Vectoring System Works
Even with all those batteries on board, Rimac's supercar can still dance around the corners thanks to an advanced power distribution sy…
This 1500-HP Pikes Peak Machine Previews the Future of Electric Motorsports

Four-wheel torque vectoring, 1500 horsepower, and real downforce. It's a recipe for brilliant madness.

AM-RB 001 Will Use a Cosworth-Built, 6.5-Liter Naturally Aspirated V12

That big Cosworth V12 is only half of the package—the hybrid drivetrain will have batteries supplied by Rimac.

Driving A Rimac Concept One After A Bugatti Veyron

Torque vectoring and unmatched acceleration are the keys to going really, really fast.

Watch the Rimac Electric Supercar Humiliate a Porsche 918 in a Drag Race

After beating a LaFerrari a few months ago, the 1088-hp Rimac Concept One takes on a 918 Spyder.

Watch Rimac's Electric Hypercar Destroy a LaFerrari with Ease

The Concept One also takes care of a Tesla Model S P90D like if it wasn't even there.