Alois Ruf Tells Us All the Neat Details of the CTR
This is not a 911. This is something entirely different, and amazing…
2017 RUF CTR: This Is It
The first car built on a RUF-designed carbon-fiber platform, it pack…
The RUF Turbo Florio Is the Perfect Porsche Targa
Equipped with a six-speed manual, rear-wheel-drive, and a 645-horsep…
The 11 Most Hardcore Cars Going For Auction Soon
Get on a plane and buy yourself something rare and barely legal on t…
1990s Track Battle: F40 vs. Viper vs. NSX vs. 911 Turbo vs. Supra and More
In 1994, Best Motoring brought two Ferraris, two Porsches, two Supras, an NSX, and a Viper together for one crazy track battle at Tsuku…
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RUF's Resto-Modded 911s Will Make Porsche Geeks Sweat

This is your high-powered alternative to a 911 Reimagined by Singer.

Watch a Fire-Spitting Ferrari F40 Attack a Japanese Mountain Pass

Turbo lag windy mountain roads equal excitement.

When a RUF Turbo R and truck collide everyone loses
That twisted pile of metal used to be a 993-based Turbo R.
WHOA: Off-road RUF Porsche Cayman in The Crew
An open-world driving game isn't new, but this is an intriguing take on the genre.


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