shelby gt350r

You Can Have a Carbon-Bodied GT350R for $127,000

Jay Leno checks out a GT350R that shed its steel body for one made all of carbon fiber.

Ford Will Keep Making the GT350 for 2018
The Shelby Mustangs won't get the styling updates found on the rest …
Ford Turned the Shelby GT350 Into a GT4 Racer
Ready to race right out of the box, the Mustang GT4 will bring the G…
<p>There are a lot of nice things we can say about the Shelby GT350. After all, we did name it our <a href="">Performance Car of the Year for 2016</a>. We loved the power its engine makes, but let's not forget that it also has "<a href="" target="_blank">a hellacious exhaust note unlike any other American V8</a>."</p>
Mustang Shelby GT350 May Get Dual-Clutch Automatic
Evidence discovered by and viewed by Road & Track …
2016 Ford GT350R
Ford Carbon Fiber GT350R Wheel Use NASA Technology
The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R is the first mass-produced vehicle to…

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