Singer and Williams's Lightweight Reimagined 911
Singer Vehicle Design and Williams F1 have worked together to create…
Singer, Williams Are Modifying a Porsche Flat-Six
Four liters, 500 horsepower, and engineering input from Porsche's mo…
Yes, People Pay $650,000 For Certain Porsche 964s
A quick chat with Singer revealed that while their 911 restorations …
Here's How You Can Hang Out With Jonathan Ward
There's a charity event this weekend at his workshop in southern Cal…
Can a 1340 Horsepower Koenigsegg Agera RS Survive a Blizzard in the Alps?

The Agera and a 911 Reimagined by Singer hit a snow storm. Thankfully they were prepared.

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Meet the Artisans Who Reimagine Porsche 911 Engines for Singer
Ed Pink Racing Engines is mainly known for drag racing powerplants. But every Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer gets its heart from EPRE…
Singer teases a gorgeous 911 Targa
The first Singer-customized Targa will debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend. Just look at it.
Is that a Singer 911 in your pocket?
Racetrack Style has a bushel of new designs, including a Singer 911 bottle opener. So much win.
Drives: Porsche 911 by Singer Vehicle Design
More than a tuner car, the Singer is a completely reengineered, reimagined, and hot-rodded 911. Chris Harris explains why the Singer is…
Singer 911
Modern take on an air-cooled Porsche.
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