Toyota 2JZ

This Phantom Has a Twin-Charged 2JZ Engine

We salute you, mysterious engine swap maestro.

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With a 79-inch wheelbase and 32 pounds of boost, this '65 Honda micr…
image image
1600 HP 2JZ Corolla Can do 4.8 Seconds in the 1/8

Even for a drag car, that's absurdly fast.

Widebody 800-HP 2JZ-Engined BMW E39 M5: Absurd
With some huge fender flares and a gigantic turbo, this Supra-engine…
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The legendary E30 M3 keeps surprising us in the most unlikely of way…
This 400-HP 2JZ-Swapped Datsun 260Z Is Gloriously Sketchy

Four-hundred horsepower and a lot of rust. It's perfect.

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