Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris GRMN Gets Lotus Elise Engine

The engine found in Toyota's latest Euro hot hatch is the same 209-horsepower supercharged unit found in one of Lotus's best sport cars.

Toyota Invents Flying Car

Who needs jet engines when you have jumps?

The New 2017 WRC Cars Are Very Fast

Not even ice-covered roads can slow these rockets down.

A Toyota Yaris Hot Hatch Is Really Happening
Toyota wants to take the fight to the Ford Fiesta ST with a hot-rod …
Toyota's Making a High-Performance Yaris

With the Yaris competing in rally racing, a fast production version is a deliciously logical progression.

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Toyota's New Rally Car Could Spawn a Yaris Hot Hatch

A rally-bred competitor for the Ford Fiesta ST? Yes, please.

This Is Toyota's First WRC Car in 17 Years

With champion Tommi Mäkinen as team principal, Toyota has its sights set on rally glory in 2017.

Wacky Warping Wheels Let a Car Twist and Slide in Any Direction

But is it really anything more than a fun party trick?