Watch Two of Britain's Track Specials Face Off

McLaren P1 GTR versus Aston Martin Vulcan: Is there really a wrong choice here?

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Going Sideways In an Aston Vulcan Is Hilarious Fun
Aston Martin's nutty track machine sounds great and looks like a rip…
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Watch an Aston Martin Vulcan Fly Up a Hillclimb
The V12-powered track-only Aston supercar was never meant for hillcl…
Aston Martin Vulcan #11 Is for Sale
Aston Martin only built 24 of these 820-horsepower track-only beasts…
Aston Martin's Vulcan Is a Farewell to its Naturally Aspirated V12

Aston's naturally aspirated V12 will not go with a whimper.

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Aston Martin's Vulcan track-only hypercar sounds vicious
Aston Martin will unveil the Vulcan at Geneva. Judging by this video, it sounds positively evil.

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