What's the Worst Car for a New Driver?

There are a lot of good cars that first-time drivers shouldn't get their hands on.

Briggs Automotive Company

Recently we asked what the best car is for a first-time driver. We got a lot of reasonable, practical answers that would surely make any new driver happy. But now we want to know: What's the absolute worst car for a new driver?

If we're talking absolute worst first-time driver car, I'd have to say the BAC Mono takes the cake. It's a British-made street-legal single-seater Formula car with a sequential transmission and a mid-mounted engine. It has over 300 horsepower, AP Racing brakes, and a steering wheel that looks right out of an F1 car. A new driver wouldn't have any idea how to put it in gear, much less operate it on the street.

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Now we want to know: what do you think is the all-time worst car for a first-time driver? It doesn't have to be something wild like the BAC, it just has to be street legal and not suitable for a new driver. Let us know in the comments below.

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