Buying & Maintenance

Wrapping a Supercar Is Unbelievably Complex

The Audi R8 is not a simple shape, so wrapping it takes a lot of patience and even more skill.

Discovering a Container Full of Rare Ferrari Parts
Wire wheels in their original wooden boxes, carburetors in their ori…
This Tahoe Has the 638-HP Heart of a Corvette ZR1
Take the supercharged LS9 V8 from the C6 Corvette ZR1, stuff it into…
Hard Paint vs. Soft Paint
An explainer for how a car's paint hardness determines what sort of …
One of Mazda's Greatest Race Cars Is Up For Sale
The Team Highball Mazda RX-7 GTU won its class at Daytona five times…
A Ford GT Sold For $1.8 Million At Auction this Weekend

The sale comes in spite of Ford making new GT owners to sign an agreement to keep their cars for two years.

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Nitrogen Versus Compressed Air: Which Is Better for Your Tires?

Sometimes, manufacturers fill tires with pure nitrogen instead of just normal air. Here's why.

Here's All 23 of Carroll Shelby's Personal Cars Up For Auction Next Month

There's something for everyone, from rare Shelby Mopar prototypes to a 750-hp GT500.

Make This Manual-Transmission Cayenne GTS Your Ultimate Porsche Tow Rig

All the fun of a manual V8 performance car, the ability to tow over 7700 pounds.

The Most Fun Used Cars You Can Buy for Under $5000

These cars prove you don't have to spend a lot of money to have fun.

What's the Most Fun Used Car Under $5000?

On a tight budget? You don't need to spend a lot to have fun behind the wheel.

Aston Martin DB9s Are Getting Amazingly Cheap

Aston's 21st-century grand tourer has taken a $100,000 depreciation hit. Now's the time to take advantage.

A Step-by-Step Video Guide to Removing a Seized or Broken Bolt

Dealing with a stubborn bolt? Here's how to get it threaded out.

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How to Buy Your Dream Car, Used

Making your money go further with a certified pre-owned vehicle.

It Doesn't Get Much Rarer Than a VW Passat W8 Wagon With a Manual

With only 97 sold in the US, you're not going to see another one of these for sale for a long time.

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What's the Worst Car for a New Driver?

Even if you have the means, maybe you shouldn't start off your driving career with cars like these.

Every Barn Find Is a Story of Neglect
This 1971 Mini Mark III has been sitting at the back of a French workshop since somebody left it there in 1981. I went to see it just a…
cheapest fast cars to buy in 2017
15 of the Cheapest Cars That Can Hit 150 MPH

150 mph is plenty fast. Here are some ways to get there on a budget.

How Seam-Welding Makes Rally and Race Cars Safer and Stronger
If you're building a race car from a bare shell, you've got the perfect opportunity to add strength and safety. All it takes is a bit o…
How to Wash the Winter Salt Off Your Car in Time for Spring

A detailed guide on getting off all that corrosive grime.

15 of the Most Fun New Cars You Can Buy for Less Than $40,000

Because no one should be stuck driving a boring car.

How Canepa Is Making the 959 Better Than New

The 959SC isn't just a performance upgrade—it's a complete rebuild of Porsche's 1980s supercar masterpiece

Here's Why You Should Upgrade Driveshafts When Adding Power to Your Car

Doubling your horsepower won't do any good if the thing sending power to your wheels is too weak to handle it.

What's the Best Way to Get at Least 400 Stock Horsepower for Less Than $10,000?

You don't need to spend your life savings on a car to get something with muscle under the hood.

Is It Time to Buy an Aston Martin DB7?

Aston's first car under Ford ownership is starting to look like a good buy.

Wheel Studs Versus Wheel Bolts: What's the Difference?

The advantages and disadvantages of having one or the other.

The Best New Convertibles You Can Buy for Less Than $50,000

You don't need to break the bank to have a brand-new convertible in your garage. Here are our sporty favorites to make summer a blast.

Buy This 1990 Pontiac and Tell Your Friends, Truthfully, That You Drive a McLaren

This 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo ASC-McLaren has no relation to the British supercar company, but you need not explain that.