Because when it comes to changing that tire yourself or waiting on roadside assistance, we're pretty sure you'd prefer the former. Here, all the quick and easy steps you need to handle yourself around your car (and all its parts), no matter what the road brings.

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How to Change a Flat Tire in 11 Easy Steps

The most basic of Independent Man skills, you MUST know.

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How to Change a Car Fuse in 8 Easy Steps

Believe it or not, you can do this. .

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How to Change Your Car's Oil in 13 Easy Steps

Because it'd be embarrassing to take your car in every time it's in need of an oil change, it's about time you .

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How to Change a Car's Air Filter in 5 Easy Steps

Here, for a task you didn't realize you could handle on your own.

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How to Jump Start a Car in 13 Easy Steps

Your car is bound to die at some point. for learning an important skill you should already know (but probably don't).

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