Buy the Nurburgring and a fountain pen

Your chance to save the 'Ring (and right some wrongs).


In case you haven't heard, the world's greatest racing circuit is in dire financial straights. Beginning in 2007, private investors mucked up the Nürburgring's quaint motorsports community by constructing an enormous theme park, which failed miserably and drove the track into several hundred million dollars of debt. The track fell into bankruptcy during 2012, and the best 12.9 miles on Earth have been for sale since last year. A flurry of recent reports suggest that the Nürburgring's sale is imminent, either to Dusseldorf racing company or to Formula 1 supremo . Instead, you should buy it.


And once you own Green Hell, buy this handsome fountain pen. It's made by —a German company founded in 1930, shortly after construction was completed on the original 'Nürburg-Ring'—and costs .

With it, you can sign the Nürburgring back over to its rightful owners: the public.

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