What's the Coolest Supercar of the 1990s?

The 1990s didn't just produce the McLaren F1.

Raphael GAILLARDE/Gamma-RaphoGetty Images

The McLaren F1 casts a long shadow, but the 1990s produced a lot of other interesting supercars too. Bugatti's EB 110 was one of the coolest, and quite possibly the most bizarre supercars of the decade.

The EB 110 was the first and only product of Bugatti Automobili S.p.A., an Italian company created in 1987 after Romano Artioli bought the rights to the legendary, then-dead French sports car legend. To create its supercar, Artioli assembled a crack team, including longtime Lamborghini designer Marcello Gandini, and the results were amazing.

Power came from a quad-turbocharged 3.5-liter V12 that sent its 560 hp to all four wheels. The EB110 also used an innovative carbon-fiber monocoque chassis, before even McLaren had completed the first F1.

But less than 150 were built, and Bugatti had to declare bankruptcy in 1995. So what happened? If you ask Artioli, it was sabotage, though if you ask us, his overly ambitious purchase of Lotus in 1993 certainly played a role too.

Bugatti's failure as a business makes us forget what an incredible car the EB 110 was, though. Even if it wasn't ostensibly better than the McLaren F1, it was certainly interesting in its own right.

Now we turn to you. What's your favorite supercar of the 1990s? Drop your answer in the comments.

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