There's a Ferrari F40 Engine For Sale. What Would You Swap it Into?

The possibilities are endless.

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It's not often you see a Ferrari F40 engine for sale, by itself, and it got us thinking: What would be the best car to drop this legendary twin-turbo V8 into?

According to , this F40 engine (a Tipo F120D) was assembled in 1992, but never assigned to a chassis. Used as a display piece for most of its life, it now comes complete with tons of upgrades, custom parts, and extra pieces.

Some dismiss this as a Ferrari at all, and we get the argument that earlier Dinos were "lesser" cars that didn't merit the prancing-pony badge—later 308s, though, got that badge and sold right alongside the GTB and GTS cars as the company gave up on the idea of having a sub-Ferrari brand. Officially, U.S. sales of the GT4 didn't start until the '75 model year. Several distinctions may draw serious collectors: Designed at Bertone rather than Pininfarina, with Ferrari's first roadgoing V-8 (a four-cam 3.0-liter fed by four Weber carbs), transversely mounted amidships, the GT4 had two--two seating, so it'll carry more luggage than can a GTB and might even accommodate a tiny human. The V-8 was rated at 240 horsepower in the earliest GT4s, while struggles to meet emissions laws saw this strangled down to 205 horses in later model years (through 1980). Catalytic converters came in 1976 and choked off some of the quad-cam V-8's throaty roar, so we'd hunt down the earliest GT4 we could. (Or one of the interesting 2.0-liter V-8 models sold in Italy.) Hagerty pegs a concours-quality GT4 at $88,700 while an average example might be found for less than $50,000. A steep rise in the past 18 months—faster than the growth of most stock indices—suggests the big money is catching on to this one, so now's the time.

If I had the means, I'd probably swap this engine into a Dino 308 GT4. That car's original powertrain never really stood out, so dropping something like this into it would be a massive improvement. A car that small with 471 horsepower seems like it would be incredibly fun to drive.

Now we'd like to know: What car do you think would make a suitable home for this F40 engine? It doesn't have to be another Ferrari like the 308 GT4, either—it could be anything. Let us know in the comments below.

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