Live Out Your NASCAR Fantasies With This Second-Hand Monte Carlo Race Car

This car was driven by Clint Bowyer at Watkins Glen when new. Now, it can be yours.


If you've ever wanted to live out your NASCAR driver fantasies, now might be the time. This set up for road racing is up for sale right now on eBay. You should buy it.

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This car, built by Richard Childress Racing, was driven by Clint Bowyer at Watkins Glen International during the 2006 season, and finished 14th overall. It doesn't have much else to its name, but it is a real, actual NASCAR machine. That means an immensely complex heavy-duty roll cage, a racing suspension, and a 850-horsepower naturally aspirated V8 engine. Getting power to the rear wheels is a four-speed Textron manual transmission. The car also comes with power steering and Brembo brakes.

According to , the engine and transmission have recently been rebuilt, and the standard racing slicks have been replaced with a set of new rain tires. The car is otherwise original save for a new seat designed to fit a larger driver. The ad claims it's in perfect working order, and ready to race.

If you're more of a collector, the car is signed by Clint Bowyer, meaning you don't have to chase him down for a signature after you buy it. It's listed on eBay right now with a Buy It Now price of $59,995 or best offer. .

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